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2022-06-24 22:26 Released in Hong Kong Hong Kong

Kong Jie, Jiang Kaijing, Li Sen, Liu Yong, and assistant Hanhan are a scam group to induce the opening of the FITBELA Epro account, and cooperate with platform to maliciously slipped and liquidated the position to steal investor's principal, and the remaining principal of the account could not be withdrawn.

Around April 20, 2022, Hanhan, who claimed to be Kong Jie's assistant, added QQ to QQ, and joined a stock recommendation group. They first recommended stocks to Xiaoen Xiaohui to gain the trust of investors. Create a mysterious triple bull stock Xuetian Salt Industry, let investors take orders at a high level, and then induce investors to open a FITBELA Epro account to buy and sell Bitcoin by judging that the risk of falling in the market is high. The early fraud gang combined with the FITBELA Epro MT4 Terminal platform to allow investors to follow After earning trust, Shannon encourages investors to deposit funds, and when investors are paralyzed and careless, the classroom brings the malicious slippage of the single joint platform to black out all the investors' principal. If investors make a loss with others at will, Kong Jie can help designate a profit plan to return the capital to induce investors to borrow money and invest. The self-proclaimed Hongchuang Fund in the early stage is actually a lie. There is no Hongchuang Private Equity Investment Co., Ltd. in mainland China. The so-called T+1 withdrawal is also a scam. The web server for the live class is also in the United States. Once investors find out the scam and question them, they will kick the investor out of the live class, QQ contact group, and CC group, making it impossible for investors to find it.


The following is the original recommendation

孔杰、江开景、李森、刘勇、助理涵涵诈骗团伙诱导开通FITBELA Epro账户,联合平台恶意滑点爆仓黑掉投资者本金,账户剩余本金无法出金

2022年4月20日左右QQ上被自称孔杰助理的涵涵添加了QQ,拉进了一个股票推荐群,他们先是给推荐股票给点小恩小惠取得投资者的信任。营造神秘的三倍牛股雪天盐业,让投资者高位接盘,再以判断大盘下跌风险大诱导投资者开通FITBELA Epro账户买卖比特币,前期诈骗团伙联合FITBELA Epro MT4 Terminal平台让投资者跟单盈利获取信任后鼓动投资者入金,乘投资者麻痹大意的时候课堂带单联合平台恶意滑点黑掉投资者的所有本金。再以投资者随意跟其他人做单亏损,孔杰可以帮忙指定盈利计划返本为由诱导投资者举债投资简直就是敲骨吸髓。前期自称的宏创基金其实是个谎言,中国大陆根本没有宏创私募基金投资有限责任公司,所谓的T+1出金也是骗局,已提交申请达4天还没有处理。直播课堂的网络服务器也在美国。一旦投资者发现骗局质问他们,他们就会将投资者踢出直播课堂、QQ联系群、CC群,让投资者无从查找

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