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2022-06-21 19:55 Released in Hong Kong Hong Kong

Manipulation from backstage and malicious money laundering

At first, I suddenly received a phone call, which said that it was from a securities company. Now they are setting up an insider information stock, saying that they will add my WeChat and invite me in to discuss stocks together. At that time, I was pulled into a stock speculation group. There were several teachers in the group who were usually busy with lectures and analysis. The assistants gave orders and let the investors follow. After listening to it for a long time, I felt that what the teachers said was very reasonable, so I followed the instructions in the live broadcast room, and I did not expect to make a lot of profit. Later, the teacher said that if I found a good platform to make money, I would make money together with Sujiang Kaijing. I have never been in contact with this, but the teacher brought me to trade stocks and made a profit. The teacher promised me that I could make money even several times a week, so I agreed. Now, the teacher urged me to open an account quickly. Later, the teacher called the order in the group. That was the first time I made an order and followed the teacher's team to invest in an order. As a result, I immediately earned 20,000 yuan. The teacher asked me to add money at this time, saying that the bigger the fund, the greater the profit, so I added an additional 400,000 to the platform. Later, the teacher kept asking me to increase the capital investment. I had no funds to invest, so I rejected the teacher's proposal. Request, the backstage control dropped by more than 4,000 pips the next day, and it suddenly blew my position. Bitcoin did not fluctuate so much that day, serious malicious money laundering


The following is the original recommendation


最开始我突然接到了一个电话,电话那边说是什么证券公司的,现在他们正在布局一只内幕消息股,说加下我的微信,把我邀请进去一起交流一下股票。当时是被拉到一个炒股群,群里有几个老师一般都忙着讲课分析,主要是由助理来下达指令,让股民跟着操作。听时间长了,觉得老师们讲的非常有道理,就按照直播间里讲的那样操作,没想到获利不少。 后来老师说找到一个赚钱的好平台,一起做春种之粟江开景,一定能赚钱,我没有接触过这个,但老师带我炒股也赚了,老师保证我能赚钱甚至一周翻几倍我就答应了,老师就催着我快点开设账户。后来老师就在群里喊单,那是我第一次做单跟着老师战队投资下单,结果一下子就跟着赚了2万块。老师这时候就让我加金了,说资金越大盈利越大,我便追加了40万把投入平台里面,后来老师一直让我加大资金投入,我已经没有资金投入了就拒绝了老师的请求,第二天就后台操控一下降了4000多点,一下子把我爆仓了,比特币当天根本没有这么大波动,严重的恶意洗钱

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