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2022-05-01 20:38 Released in Hong Kong Hong Kong

The trader deliberately opened a position with a large lot, and the position was liquidated overnight.

Why was pound not liquidated at a high price, but was liquidated when the price was more favorable? This is because the spread is widened. When locking a position, you must consider the possibility of the spread expanding. Depending on whether it is late or just opened. When the liquidity is different, the spread is also different. According to the screenshot, the spread at that time was 1.75584-1.75511 = 73 points and when your account was liquidated, the spread widened to 187 points due to lack of liquidity due to the close of the market. At that time, your lock-up lot was 20 lots, so it was 20*(187-73) points and then converted into Canadian dollars and divided by 1.26 = 20*(187-73)/1.26 = USD 1809 . ** Subtract 73 points, yes Because at that time when the pound plus point difference is 73 points, your net worth is USD 1803, and the advance payment is USD 687.55 as the basis**. If the liquidation rate is 30%, 687.55*30% = USD 207, you must have USD 207 to maintain your position. However, due to the widening of the spread, your floating loss reached USD 1809 at that time, and the net value of USD 1803 – USD 1809 < USD 207 was no longer enough to maintain the position, which eventually triggered a liquidation order. We are also very sorry for this result. If you have any other questions about this result, please contact us.

Severe Slippage

The following is the original recommendation


為什麼磅加在高位没有被強平,在更有利自己的價位的時候而被強平呢?這是因為點差擴大的原因,鎖倉的時候,必須要考慮到點差有擴大的可能性,由其是尾盤或剛開盤。當流動性不一樣,點差也不一樣。根据截圖顯示當時的點差是1.75584-1.75511 = 73点 而你賬號被強平的時候,由於接近收市,流動性不足,點差擴大到187点。當時你的鎖倉手數是20 手,所以是20*(187-73)点 再換算為加幣 除以1.26 = 20*(187-73)/1.26 = USD 1809 . ** 減去73点,是因為要以當時磅加點差73点的時候,你的淨值是USD 1803 ,預付款是USD 687.55 作為基礎**。以強平率百份之三十算的話,687.55*30% = USD 207 ,你必須要有USD 207 才能保持你的持倉。但由於點差擴大讓你當時浮虧到達了USD 1809,淨值USD 1803 – USD 1809 < USD 207 已經不夠維持倉位,而最終引發了強平的指令。 對於這個結果,我們也非常遺憾。關於這個調查結果,如有任何他疑問,請與我們聯系。

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