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2022-01-19 00:53 Released in Hong Kong Hong Kong

Automatically increase the position, unable to close the position, violent explosion

The same situation happened for two consecutive days, 0.5 lots were entered, and suddenly it changed to 5.4 lots or 5 lots, which was basically the number of lots I could buy in full position. After that, I was not allowed to close the position. The first time I was fortunate to set a stop loss, but the second time, I was not allowed to set any stop loss and close the position at all, and forced me to liquidate my position. I made two transactions with the mobile mt5 and the computer version of the mt5, and it felt like I was hacked. Completely inoperable for the user. So do not use this broker, there is no way to quit.


The following is the original recommendation


連續兩日發生同一個情況,入0.5手,突然變5.4手 或5手,基本上是我全倉可買手數。之後不得平倉,第一次幸好設置了止損,但第二次,完全不容許我設置任何止損及平倉,強暴式把我爆倉。 我分別以手機mt5 和電腦版mt5 進行兩次交易,感覺就像被黑客入侵一樣。用家完全無法操作。 所以千萬不要使用此交易商,有入無出

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