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2021-11-13 08:04 Released in  Taiwan Taiwan

Beware. ZORO Global Limited was a fraud platform. Take care

I was cheated: I infer that many fraud platforms operate like this. After strangers added you on line, they will maintain good interaction with you (greetings in the morning and evening). After gaining trust, they will tell you that there is a highly profitable foreign exchange margin investment method to induce them to join foreign exchange investment (Zoro forex) and provide profit information (MT4). (1) When I expressed that I wanted to deposit, the personnel of the Zoro Global Limited platform would provide a personal account of a bank in Taiwan, which was not the special account of the platform. That was to say, I was cheated and transferred the money from my account to someone else's account. At that time, I raised my doubts. The exchange said that such transfer was relatively fast. If I went to the special account, it would take several days. I accidentally believed this statement. Later, I was surprised that there was no special account at all. (2) When it was indicated that the fund was to be released, the platform used other people's accounts to transfer it to my account. After I confirmed that the fund could be released, I unknowingly invested about 80000 ~ 90000 US dollars. This process was guided to place an order for BTC several times, and the position was closed in a few seconds. The fund was immediately empty. About a month later, the nightmare began, and my bank account was listed as a warning account. The bank said that this was a fraud. I am surprised that my account has become a head account, allowing the fraud group to take advantage of the profit, resulting in being listed. Up to now, all my bank accounts have been listed and can not be used. Please pay more attention to your good friends and don't join the fraud platform. (3) It is conceivable that the Zoro Global Limited exchange was established to defraud the pig market, and may use investment profits and other means to attract members. Fraud and money laundering in Hong Kong, Taiwan or other places, mutual transfer between platform members and head accounts, and many breakpoints are set up. As a result, they can not be traced smoothly. When they find themselves cheated, they are powerless. They are the victims, but they become the perpetrators because of the money. Zoro global claims to have applied for a US MSB license(, it means that there is no real supervision of MSB in the United States. There is only mailbox on Zoro Global's official website, but there is no other contact information, which shows that it does not deal with the problems of any members. I believe that this group must have set up many fraud platforms, domain name:, web host IP address:


The following is the original recommendation

驚恐! 膽顫驚心! ZORO Global Limited 是黑平台 ! 奉勸大家務必小心! 小心!

我被詐騙經過:我推斷許多黑平台都是這樣操作,陌生男女加LINE後,與你保持良好的互動(早、晚問候),當取得信任後,再告知有一個獲利很高的外匯保證金投資方式,誘導加入外匯投資(zoro-forex),提供獲利資訊(MT4)。(1)當我表達要入金時,這ZORO Global Limited平台的人員會提供台灣某個銀行的個人帳戶,並不是平台的專用帳戶,這就是被詐騙,把自己帳戶的錢轉到他人的帳戶,當時我提出懷疑,交易所表示,這樣轉帳比較快,如果走專戶會拖好幾天。無意中相信這個說法,後來才驚覺根本沒有專戶。(2)當表明要出金時,平台就利用他人帳戶轉到我的帳戶,當我確認可以出金後,不知不覺前後投入約8~9萬美金,這過程幾次被引導下單BTC,幾秒鐘就被平倉,資金順瞬間空了,大約一個月後,惡夢開始我的銀行帳戶就被列為警示帳戶列管,銀行表示這是詐騙手法。驚覺我的帳戶變成人頭帳戶,讓詐騙集團利用獲利出金導致被列管,到現在我的全部銀行帳戶都被列管無法使用,請各位好朋友一定要多注意,別加入黑平台。(3)可想而知,ZORO Global Limited交易所是為了詐騙成立的殺豬盤,可能利用投資獲利等等手法吸引加入,香港跟台灣或其他各地的詐騙洗錢,平台會員與人頭帳戶互相轉帳,設立許多斷點。導致無法順利追查,當發現自己被詐騙,卻無能為力,自己是被害者,但因為出金變成加害者。ZORO Global 聲稱有申請美國MSB牌照(,說回來表示美國MSB沒有真正監管,ZORO Global官網上只有信箱,卻沒有其它任何聯繫方式,這擺明的就是不處理任何會員的問題。我更相信,這個集團一定成立了許多個黑平台,網域名稱 : 網頁主機 IP 位址 :

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