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2021-07-27 16:46 Released in Hong Kong Hong Kong

Blackwell Global deliberately deducted customer funds and threatens customers with principal

I previously opened a trading account at Blackwell Global, account number: 111548. At that time, when BG was discussing cooperation to open an account, it always claimed that they were doing the activity of depositing bonuses. And the bonus was against losses. I was attracted by the activity to open an account transaction. I deposited $10,000 in funds and they gave me a bonus of $1,500. But in the first transaction, due to a misjudgment, the direction of the transaction was wrong. My principal of 10,000 USD and the bonus of 1,500 USD were all lost and the position was liquidated. I tried to deposit another $10,000 in principal. This time the transaction was judged correctly and I made a profit of $10,844. However, when I withdrew the principal, I found that I had $2292.7 deducted by the platform. I asked the customer service. The customer service said that the bonus for the previous liquidation should be deducted. The platform itself launched the anti-loss bonus, but the customer will make a profit after a liquidation, and the amount of the bonus will be deducted. During the communication, they threatened me. If I disagree, no principal will be given to me. I can only agree. A big platform is just doing such a kind of fraud platform behavior. There is no justification, it is all based on the mood of the founder. I hope to get back the deducted money. I hope the media will help me to speak out, and don’t leave this kind of fraud platform harm people anymore.


The following is the original recommendation


我之前在博威环球(Blackwell Global)开始交易账户,账号号码:111548进行交易,当时博威在商谈合作开户的时候,一直宣称他们在做入金送赠金的活动,而且赠金是可抗亏损,我在活动的吸引下开设账户交易。 我存入了10000美元的资金,他们赠送了我1500美元的赠金,但在第一次交易当中,由于判断失误,交易方向错了,我10000美元的本金连同1500美元的赠金都亏损完了,爆仓了。让后我再存入10000美元的本金尝试,这次交易判断正确,我盈利了10844美元,我出了盈利,然而当我出本金的时候,银行卡到账了,发现我有2292.7美元被平台扣除了,追问客服,客服竟然说之前爆仓的赠金,要扣回来。 博威平台自己推出抗亏损赠金,然而客户爆仓了再盈利,出金要扣赠金金额?这是什么道理,而且沟通过程中,就回我一句老板是这么决定,而且出本金的时候威胁,如果不同意,就不出本金给我,我只能忍受同意。你们博威一个10年的平台,就是干这么一种黑平台的行为?没有理据,就是全凭老板高兴,就是欺负客户是弱势群体么?我现在是希望能拿回来扣的钱,而且是我应得的钱,希望媒体帮我发声,不要给这种装得高大上的黑平台再去害人

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