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2021-03-12 22:03 Released in  Taiwan Taiwan

Refuse application for withdrawal after Jiasheng International Currency Trading Platform beguiles u into this platform

1. Meet a netizen and chat with LINE. After gaining trust, he will introduce and guide the trading XAU/USD on this platform in the name of caring and helping each other. 2. An initial small deposit and a successful withdrawal once 3. In the follow-up, the netizen guides the LINE customer service of the platform, saying that it is possible to contact the rebate collection 4. When the platform deposits funds, the online customer service will send the remittance account number, and specify the account number to be valid for half an hour. The account number for each deposit is different (different currencies are supported, and the range of black money is transnational and extensive) 5. The platform is also equipped with Yu'ebao. Putting money in Yu'ebao will give a daily interest of five thousandths of the amount. 6. With the increase in the amount, when the customer wants to withdraw cash, the online customer service requires the payment of taxes and fees to withdraw the money; the payment of taxes and fees and the excuse that a deposit is required to withdraw the money; after the deposit is paid, the customer is suspected of malicious arbitrage, so it must be paid Activation funds can be withdrawn 7. At this time, the netizen falsely stated that his account had also been refused to withdraw, and he also provided a screenshot as proof. Let’s say that the reason for rejection is that I have recommended the platform to use, so the accounts are linked to each other, and a proposal to pay part of the activation fee is proposed. 8. After reporting the case, it is confirmed that all the card numbers that the platform online customer service recharged you are warning accounts.


The following is the original recommendation


1.認識一網友加LINE 聊天,取得信任後就藉關心幫助對方之名,介紹並指導操作此平台的炒黃金交易方式 2.初始小額入金,並成功出金一次 3.後續該網友指導加平台的LINE 客服,說是可聯繫返利領取事宜 4.該平台入金時會由線上客服發送匯款帳號,並指定該帳號有效時間半小時,每次入金給的帳號不同(有支援不同幣種,可見黑錢範圍跨國且廣泛) 5.該平台還設有餘額寶,將款項置於餘額寶中會給金額千分之五的日息 6.隨著金額日漸增加,客戶想提現時,線上客服要求繳交稅費才能出金;繳完稅費又藉口需繳保證金才能出金;繳完保證金又說客戶涉嫌惡意套利所以要繳激活金才能提現 7.此時該名網友假意表示自己的帳號也被拒絕提現了,還出截圖為證。且說被拒原因是推薦了本人使用平台,因此帳號互為關聯,提出代繳部分激活金的建議。 8 . 經報案後證實,平台線上客服給你充值卡號全部都是警示帳號。

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