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2021-01-08 17:20 Released in Hong Kong Hong Kong

Ask u to add money again and again. But can't withdraw funds

Looking at the regulated platform, as ordinary people, I believe in the IG platform. From the initial investment of 130,760 yuan to the completion of the operation, ask me to pay money cuz the bank card information is incorrect. At the beginning, I really thought that I had typed it wrong, so as a loyal customer, I chose to believe it unconditionally and paid the money again and again. Finally, the customer service told me that there was no problem, but I still waited 15 days for review. I would like to know if your platform is really not a lie. In the Internet age, what needs to be reviewed takes 15 days. To put it bluntly, it is a lie and no money is drawn. I also hope that the relevant department can help me recover the 1 million I handed in. Thank you.[d83d][de2d][d83d][de2d][d83d][de2d][d83d][de2d]

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation


就是看在属于被监管的平台,作为老百姓就相信了IG平台,从投入本金130760元到操作完,以银行卡信息错误开始,不停的让交钱。一开始真以为是自己输错了,所以作为忠实客户,选择无条件相信,就一而再而三的交钱,最后客服告诉我没有任何问题了,但还是等15天审核。我很想知道如果你平台真的不是骗人的,互联网时代,需要审核什么需要15天,说白了就是骗人的,不出金。 也希望有关部门能帮我追回我交的100万也行呀,谢谢了[d83d][de2d][d83d][de2d][d83d][de2d][d83d][de2d]

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