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+1 212 981 4550
48 West 37th Street NY 100018 New York, USA


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+1 212 981 4550

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Manfra, Tordella & Brookes

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United States

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MTB · Company Summary

Key Information Details
Company Name Manfra, Tordella & Brookes (MTB Metals)
Years of Establishment 2-5 Years
Headquarters New York, USA
Office Locations N/A
Regulation/Licenses Unregulated
Tradable Assets Gold, silver, PGMs
Account Types N/A
Deposit/Withdrawal Methods N/A
Trading Platforms N/A
Customer Support Options Email, Telephone

Overview of MTB Metals

MTB Metals, also known as Manfra, Tordella & Brookes, is an unregulated company headquartered in New York, USA. With a focus on precious metals trading, they offer liquidity and timely trade execution for spot, forwards, and swaps. Their services cater to institutional clients, providing tailored risk management and hedging strategies.

MTB Metals allows trading of gold, silver, and PGMs in multiple currencies and various denominations, providing flexibility and ease of use for their customers. While specific details regarding account types, minimum deposits, leverage, spread, deposit/withdrawal methods, and trading platforms are not available, MTB Metals can be contacted via email or telephone for customer support.



Risk Warning: MTB is unregulated.

MTB Metals is an unregulated company, which means it does not currently hold any specific licenses or regulatory authorizations. Unregulated entities operate without the oversight and scrutiny provided by regulatory bodies, which may pose potential disadvantages such as limited investor protection, lack of transparency, and potential higher risk of fraud or malpractice. Without regulatory oversight, customers may face challenges in seeking legal recourse or resolution of disputes.

Pros and Cons

MTB Metals offers round-the-clock pricing for precious metals, including gold, silver, and PGMs, providing customers with flexibility and convenience. Their focus on competitive pricing and liquidity ensures optimal execution for spot, forwards, and swaps, appealing to institutional clients. The company's ability to trade in multiple currencies and various denominations enhances usability and caters to diverse customer preferences. Additionally, the access to live-streamed market rates and the MKS PAMP GROUP mobile app provides real-time spot prices, enabling users to stay updated on market movements.

One notable disadvantage is the lack of regulation, as MTB Metals operates as an unregulated entity. This absence of regulatory oversight raises concerns regarding investor protection, transparency, and potential risks of fraud or malpractice. Customers may face challenges in seeking legal recourse or resolving disputes in the absence of regulatory authority. Furthermore, specific information regarding account types, minimum deposits, leverage, spreads, deposit/withdrawal methods, and trading platforms is not provided, which may limit the ability of potential customers to assess the suitability and competitiveness of MTB Metals' offerings.

Pros Cons
Trading in multiple currencies Lack of regulation
Mobile app for real-time spot prices Limited investor protection
Limited information on financial products

Ambiguous Website

The company's website provides limited information regarding account types, minimum deposit requirements, leverage, spread, deposit/withdrawal methods, and trading platforms. This lack of detailed information can negatively impact the clarity and reputation of the company. Potential customers may find it challenging to understand the specific account options available, the minimum amount required to open an account, the leverage ratios offered, and the spreads associated with trading. Additionally, the absence of information on deposit and withdrawal methods leaves customers uncertain about the ease and convenience of funding their accounts or accessing their funds. The lack of clarity in disclosing the available trading platforms further hinders potential clients from assessing the suitability and compatibility of the platforms with their trading needs. The lack of comprehensive and transparent information may raise concerns and questions about the company's professionalism, transparency, and commitment to providing a usable trading environment.

Market Instruments

MTB Metals offers market instruments in the form of precious metals. Their available market instruments include gold, silver, and PGMs (Platinum Group Metals). These instruments allow customers to trade in multiple currencies and different denominations (troy ounces, grams, kilograms), providing flexibility and options for investors interested in precious metals.

The following is a list of the market instruments that MTB Metals uses in comparison to other companies:

Broker Market Instruments
MTB Metals Gold, Silver, PGMs
Alpari Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies
HotForex Forex, Metals, Energies, Indices, Shares
IC Markets Forex, Metals, Energies, Indices, Cryptocurrencies
RoboForex Forex, Metals, Energies, Indices, Stocks

How to make an account?

To register with MTB Metals, potential customers are required to download their proprietary trading app, which is not explicitly mentioned in the provided information. This indicates that the company has a specific mobile application designed for trading activities. By making the app a prerequisite for registration, MTB Metals emphasizes the importance of using their dedicated platform for accessing their services.

Trading Platform

MTB Metals appears to offer a proprietary trading platform. The specific details or name of the platform are not mentioned. However, the company's focus on requiring the download of their proprietary trading app suggests that they have developed their own unique platform for clients to trade on.

Customer Support

MTB Metals offers these customer support options to ensure individuals have different avenues to reach out for help or guidance. By providing both email and telephone support, the company caters to diverse customer preferences and facilitate prompt communication for a better customer experience, all of which specifics are as follows:

Email: Customers can reach MTB Metals' customer support team by sending an email to This allows individuals to communicate their inquiries, concerns, or requests in writing, providing a documented channel for assistance.

Telephone: Another customer support option is the telephone, with the provided English contact number +1 212 981 4550. Customers can directly call this number to speak with a representative and receive real-time assistance for their queries or issues.

Customer Feedback

Based on a customer review, there are negative sentiments expressed towards MTB Metals. The review claims that the broker utilizes non-existent certificates on their website to potentially mislead and confuse new traders who may not be fully aware of the situation. The customer further states that MTB Metals lacks effective regulation from any official entity, leading them to conclude that it is a fraudulent broker. The review serves as a cautionary message, advising others to avoid falling victim to such practices.


In conclusion, MTB Metals is a company that trades primarily precious metals, offering round-the-clock pricing for gold, silver, and PGMs. While the company emphasizes competitive pricing and liquidity, the lack of regulation raises concerns about investor protection and transparency.

The absence of detailed information regarding account types, minimum deposits, leverage, spreads, deposit/withdrawal methods, and trading platforms may limit potential customers' ability to assess the suitability and competitiveness of MTB Metals' offerings. Furthermore, the requirement to download their proprietary trading app for registration suggests a tailored trading experience but may also limit flexibility for those preferring alternative platforms.


Q: What are the main market instruments offered by MTB Metals?

A: MTB Metals provides trading opportunities for gold, silver, and PGMs.

Q: How can potential customers contact MTB Metals?

A: Customers can reach MTB Metals through their email,, or by calling the provided telephone number, +1 212 981 4550.

Q: Does MTB Metals offer a regulated trading environment?

A: No, MTB Metals operates as an unregulated broker.

Q: Is there information available about the minimum deposit required to open an account with MTB Metals?

A: Unfortunately, specific details about the minimum deposit are not provided.

Q: Are there clear descriptions of the available account types and leverage ratios?

A: The company website lacks comprehensive information on account types and leverage ratios.

Q: Which trading platforms are available for clients to use with MTB Metals?

A: The specific trading platforms offered by MTB Metals are not mentioned in the available information.

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more than one year
MTB is a bad broker, they use non-existent certificates displayed on their official website to confuse new traders who are unaware, but MTB is not effectively regulated by any official entity, this is a complete fraudulent broker, please don't fall for it!
2022-11-05 02:46
more than one year
I met a girl on tinder who fell in love with me and recommended this platform for crypto trading, I trusted her and traded but she kept asking me to add more money, she ignored me after I ran out of money and I couldn't use my account, withdrawals needed to be approved by the platform, my account was not mine!
2022-11-05 02:39
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