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2019-08-28 16:14 Released in Hong Kong China Hong Kong China

The withdrawal was unavailable in Xtrade fraud platform

This is a fraud platform,which recommended by my friend.I opened an account in the platform,in which the amount of fund was inaccessible.The account manager Daniel Sim has been out of contact for days.Later,he added me on Wechat and gave me the password of MT4 server,which isn’t the official server of Xtrade.I deposited $4000 or so,while the market was volatile and the spread of currency pair was high.I selected NDIW trading with its contract specification 100.I traded 0.01 lot at first.Because I didn’t want to continue,I contacted the manager to apply for withdrawal.While he turned me down,using kinds of excuses with bad attitude.He told me to continue trading,while I found the least lot of NDIW and 0.01 lot was unavailable,which was so wicked.When I reported this to him,but he ignored it.I bit the bullet and continued trading orders.I made great losses,with $1946 remained in my account.He still ignored my application for withdrawal.Having been put off for a week,I told this matter to the customer service and found that my fund on MT4 was deducted to the backstage.When I applied for the withdrawal,I was required to show my ID card,which I was curious about because my information was certified when opening the account.Having been put off for days,I sent emails to the customer service.Eventually,I could apply for the withdrawal successfully half month later.While after my sending the application, the withdrawal never arrive!

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation


这是一家黑平台,听朋友介绍在官网开户,入金后网站后台不显示金额,联系账户经理 Daniel Sim 邮件几天联系不上,后面要加我微信直接给我MT4帐密和服务器,服务器名也不是Xtrade的官方服务器,入金4000多美金,盘面看起来就很垃圾,货币对点差也高,就选了道指交易,合约规格是100,刚开始还能交易0.01手,做了几天后不太想做了,申请出金只能在微信跟所谓的账户经理Daniel Sim联系,态度很不好,爱理不理的,找各种理由接口不办理出金,说什么交易量不够,不想斤斤计较就继续交易,然后发现道指不让下0.01手了,最下只能下0.1手,黑的恒=很,向他反应也不给处理,最后捏着鼻子交易了几次损失很大,账户只剩1946美金了,这个时候找他出金还是不理会,拖个一个多星期给客服邮箱发邮件反应这个事,后面发现钱终于从MT4扣到网站后台上,打算提交出金的时候提示要身份验证,我就奇了怪了,开户的时候明明验证过了的,现在又来这一出,提交了资料等了好几天没反应,只好继续给客服邮箱发邮件,拖拖拉拉半个月终于可以在后台申请出境了,按照要求填写了出金申请单附件发过去,然后就没有然后了,一直不给受理到账!

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