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2019-07-25 04:07 Released in Hong Kong Hong Kong

Qiuchen Meng's fraud plateform of MAREX

I was invited into a stock group I don’t know by whom in June,which was a QQ group names “Yipinhong”.A teacher named Qiuchen Meng taught us freely.Her name of live broadcast was:Yipinhong.There are five teachers in it including Qiuchen Meng,Yihong Wang,Gang Yang,Zongyao Chen and Shouyi Zhu.Meng said they were competing and told us to vote on her.Sometimes she could win several hundred thousand USD within several minutes by operating DJI directly.She said she has great funds and has set the price of take profit and stop loss and controlled the position,as well as she has a senior fellow apprentice who has a dedicated research team in doing stocks for over 20 years.With high profits and accuracy,they could beat the market by 80%.So I listened to them and watched their operation.It’s said that it only enrolls 88 people annually.Celebrities can operate stock&ETF and DJI,etc.The so-called attendance depends on attendance rate and doing homework.Only good performers can they join.During that time,two person contacts me everyday and supervise my study and attendance,as well as gives me an AD card.The two person are namely Jason who has changed his name.Under their so-called supervision and concern,as well as the encouragement of Meng,who recommeds us a service manager ZhenLi.She said the manager will serve us specially.Now she recommends us to open an account.So I opened an account on 12nd,June and operated with the guide of Zhenli.During 13rd and 21st in June,I collected for 101,600 USD and deposited in it.I was not allowed to operate by myself to pay to the private account (including Pingping Xiong,Zhiwei Zuo and Chunyan Yuan).The so-called captain will group according to the amount of money each of us deposited in.At first there a person names Duoxing Zhe, who is the the senior fellow apprentice of Meng and said to be best.And the person with operation is named Jianglong Guo maybe Xinlong.I followed him and earned more than RMB 100 thousand.They continued asking me add funds since I didn’t put too much in at beginning and promised to upgrade my group,thus earning more within more operations.I was woolly-minded so I raised money everywhere and deposited over RMB 700 thousand totally.On Friday, June 21st,Meng said the lesson would pause and operate completely in next week,as well as told us to talk about operation with our captain.I haven’t operated and received no notifications during 21st to 28th .They said person with great funds are operating and those who with less funds will not be notified if the market is unhealthy.I wanted to withdraw my money on 27th,but it hasn’t been to the account yet for 3 days.I felt something was wrong.The customer service told me to wait for 3 days at the latest patiently.I withdrawed other funds,but all of which was under cash collector’s confirmation and was unavailable.I contacted all people on 28th,June and nobody responded.Then I knew I have been cheated.

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation


我在今年6月初不知道被谁拉到一个股票群,是QQ群。叫:“一品红”。一名女的叫孟秋晨老师帮我们免费上课。 直播名字:一品红。里面有5位老师:孟秋晨 王弘毅 杨刚 陈宗耀 朱守义。孟秋晨说他们在比赛,要我们每天进去帮她投票。有时候在课堂上直接操作道琼斯指数,几分钟就赚钱几十万美金。她说她的资金大,设置好止损止盈,控制好仓位 加上她有一个师兄是做美股20多年,有一个团队专门研究的。所以他们的盈利很高。正确率也很高。可以跑赢市场80%。 所以一直听课一直看他们操作,还说每年只招88名新人入名人汇。名人汇才能操作美股,道琼斯等。所谓的每天考勤,看出勤率和做功课,表现好的才能加入。最后我加入名人汇了。 在期间,有2个人每天联系我。监督我学习,考勤。还发签到卡。2人分别是Jason现改名 我在他们的所谓的监督和关心下,和孟秋晨的鼓吹下,她推荐了一名客服经理-李铮,说他是专门为她服务的经理呢。现在推荐给我们帮我们开户。所以在6月12日注册了账号。操作系统的使用和按照都是李铮全程指导的。 在6月13日-6月21日当中,我筹集全家的资金入了101600美元。是打款合计人民币到平台上的显示的个人账号(熊平平、左志威、袁春艳) 他们不许自己操作,有所谓的队长按照我们每个人投入的金额分组。刚开始是一个叫智多星的,也就是孟秋晨的大师兄,也是最牛的一个人。带好操作的叫过江龙貌似信龙。.后来跟着他做了2次,盈利了10多万人民币。 我刚开始没投入这么多,他们不停的要我加资金,说给我升级组,这样可以多操作,盈利更多。所以脑子糊涂,到处筹集资金,一下子入了70多万人民币。 6月21日也就是周五,孟秋晨说上课暂时不上了。下周全部操作。你们各自找自己的队长沟通操作。我在21-28期间没操作,也没接到通知。他们说是他们的资金大的人在操作,行情不稳定不会通知我们资金少的人。我在27号就想把赚的提现出来。结果过了3天还没有到账,这下觉得不对,和客服经理沟通,他做最晚3天,叫我耐心等待。那天我就把其他的资金全部出金。所有的单子都是出金管理员确认中。一直不给出金,第4天6.28我联系他们所有人,没人理睬我了。才知道上当受骗了。

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