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2023-11-19 19:54 Released in  Taiwan Taiwan

Scammed out of love and almost out of money

We met on Ig and became lovers in a short time. He said he could make a lot of money by trading XAU/USD and wanted me to make money together for "our" future. He was very smart. He first used the okx software to add funds, and then asked me to use the "" website to transfer the money from okx to this webpage. So I transferred the money here. This boy used this webpage to help me hype up. The next day he asked me to withdraw money again in order to gain my credit. This time, the cash was successful. However, I saw many people on the Internet saying that this webpage is a scam group. The boy will show you his ID card (should be a fake ID card) at the beginning. His name is Zhou Wenjie, from Hong Kong, but when he logged in with my okx, the email sent by him showed the IP address of Myanmar.


The following is the original recommendation

騙感情 差點被騙錢

嗯 Ig 認識 短短時間變戀人 她說他能用黃金交易賺大錢 要我一起為“我們”未來一起賺 他很聰明 先用okx 這軟體 加入資金 在叫我用 “ ”網址把錢從okx轉到這網頁
所以就把錢轉入這裡 這個男生用這網頁幫我炒作 隔日 他又要我提錢 為了取得我的信用 這次體現金成功 但是 在網路上看到好多人說這網頁是詐騙集團的 男生剛開始會給你看他準備好的身分證 (應該是假的身份証) 名稱叫 周文傑 香港人 但他用 我的okx登入時 E mail傳來是 緬甸的ip

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