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2023-06-10 07:14 Released in United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

a froud company be careful

I fell victim and got scammed for ‎3830 ‏dollars from an application called capitalix that has a fraudulent scheme of faking shares and playing with the numbers, ‏I have screenshots of everything and what happened was when I saw the shares going up and I checked online the shares didn’t move, ‏They even made me buy shares that were on at the moment but in the app they were as if they are closed. ‏I didn’t realize all this was happening until I reached the withdraw and it said I have ‎0$ ‏when I already sent around ‎3830$ ‏I talked to my bank about the application being fraudulent but they told me that the money has already been sent, ‏all they do is deceive the investors and when it comes to withdraw they need a photo of my credit card from front and back? ‏That’s not possible to withdraw money they don’t need my credit card at least they need a bank account number, ‏looking at trusted applications such as etoro its simple to withdraw and deposit and the shares are all real but when you go back to capitalix they have shares of companies that don’t even have shares to be bought such as ‎“SALIK” ‏shares that’s impossible SALIK don’t even have shares that you can buy from, ‏after I told them ill make a complaint they allegedly told me they wanted to give me a bonus that was ‎3800$ ‏bonus and ‎1000$ ‏free if I deposited ‎3800$, ‏and that’s after they scammed…

‏the picture in In Arabic before they robbed me and in English after the theft ‎💔💔💔

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