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2023-06-01 15:49 Released in Hong Kong China Hong Kong China

JDR defrauded me of $2,900, account ID 504836, pay back!!

Account ID: 504836. Name: Chen Xinhua. I got to know the situation with the account manager of JDR Shenzhen in April and sent the delivery order. After confirming and getting a positive reply, I opened an account on April 14 and made a deposit for the transaction. I also participated in bonus activities and broker support activities. After making the order on the first day, I got a clear notification from your account manager that there is no problem and I can continue to operate. Later the account manager told me that the transaction would not be allowed. Even I did not violate the rules, I stopped as he told so. During the activities he told me that there is no problem, and that the grant and support funds will be distributed to me on May 21 or 22. But I was informed by phone on the morning of the 22nd that the bonus and event funds were unilaterally withdrawn. In the early stage of my cooperation, I sent the delivery order for confirmation. During the cooperation, I also kept the order for 5 minutes without any violation. Please tell me what is the difference between not giving me money now and scamming.


The following is the original recommendation


账户:504836 姓名:陈新花,在4月份与你们深圳客户经理了解情况后,并且发送了交割单,确认并且得到了你们的肯定回复没问题后,在4月14开设账户,入金交易。参加赠金活动与经纪商扶持活动。第一天做单后也是得到了你们客户经理的明确告知没问题,可以继续操作,后面账户做完,客户经理告知,停下不让交易,在我没有违规的情况下,我也没有计较什么,在活动结束期间也是多次询问后告知没问题,在5月21或者22号给赠金与扶持资金。也是对你们充分的信任,结果在22的早上电话告知我,赠金与活动资金单方面不给了。玩不起就早说,在我合作前期发送交割单确认,合作的时候也是保持5分钟的单子,没有任何违规。请问现在不给我钱与诈骗有什么区别

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