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2023-01-28 16:36 Released in India India

Price Manipulation

OctaFX is one of the cheating Brokers,  they manipulate the price when the actual price never touches that mark, I am attaching the snapshot of my transaction see where the market was there and they hunted my SL intentionally, which is actually must be penalized.. I should get my earnings back.. Even I am attaching a snapshot of two charts ie one of Oanda, and another of for the same date and time. For example on 28th Sep 2022, time 16:48 you'll find the market was at the 1642 mark, even at 16:50 but see the OctaFX snapshot of that day and time transaction, they hunted my SL which was 1656.. How? Similarly, I have multiple transactions I can show.. Then I stopped OctaFX and they should be banned, they should correct their system, and compensate the customer for this. If I did't get the funds back, I'll escalate this matter to Consumer Forum, RBI, and every Authority for this. They should be penalized for this. 

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