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2022-08-25 18:30 Released in Japan Japan

My experience of being scammed for 900,000 yen!

7.27 On my way to Fukuoka that day, when I passed by Okayama Prefecture, I accidentally saw a function added by someone nearby on WeChat, and then I went in and saw that someone added me as a friend. At the beginning, I kept thinking that it must be a Chinese living near Okayama, and I passed the WeChat friends without thinking too much. We didn't chat much on WeChat, and people took the initiative to add my line. A simple chat on the line led to a relationship and asked me what I was doing every day. Without much thought, he shared his life and travel experiences with her. We talked about our hobbies and hobbies and talked about the direction of our life. We said at the beginning that we had a destiny. Later, after I returned to Chiba after playing, I was told how to make money in a few days (that is, on the day of 8.4), and I was very confused at first, so I easily believed her. At first she taught me a lot of financial knowledge. Tell me step by step how to open the platform software (etrade) to make money. Then, when I found out that I was making more and more money, I slowly relaxed my vigilance. Then after a period of time, last Monday (8.15), I tried to withdraw the money, but it was frozen. I was told by the customer service that I had to pay some personal income tax (1747.67USDT) before unfreezing. On the day of 8.18, when I paid my personal income tax, I found that the funds had been frozen. When I withdraw to my Binance account again, although the withdrawal was successful on the platform, I took a look at Binance and re-checked the address originally entered. The result is still not credited to the account, but Binance has not yet credited the account. I asked the customer service and said that the funds fell, so I need to pay another 2000usdt. Really irritating. I tried all kinds of theories with her, but it didn't work. I had to admit that I was unlucky and paid for it. After waiting for 24 hours (that is, 8:00 pm on 8.19), I was told that the lost funds could not be found, so I had to pay another 2500usdt. This time, she was not used to her and the customer service. After discussing with her classmates and friends, she chose to call the police directly. When I called the police, I was told by the police that the evidence was insufficient, and I was asked to go back and prepare the information before going to the police. Then on August 22, I personally went to Tokyo to find a Chinese lawyer and recounted what happened. And show the evidence to the lawyer again. Under the persuasion of the lawyer, he successfully obtained the work card of the other party. It is still under investigation.

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