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2022-07-19 00:43 Released in  Taiwan Taiwan

Find various reasons to deny withdrawal

Participated in the platform's opening activity in early April. The customer service informed that there would be 1% interest on the principal every day during the opening activity, but did not clearly inform the completion time of the opening. After 1 month, 2% of the principal will be deducted every day. The answer is that 2% of the principal will be deducted as liquidated damages after the completion of the opening of the position, and the funds will be withdrawn until the opening of the position is completed. At the same time, I also asked the customer service if there will be any follow-up liquidated damages or withholding of other taxes after the completion of the opening of the position? The customer service replied that you can withdraw money immediately after completing the position opening without incurring any costs, so I accept the reason for deducting the liquidated damages. After all, I did not complete it in time, but when I want to complete the position opening later, the platform will deposit my money (200000TWD) I directly deducted the liquidated damages that I had to pay. In order to quickly release the deposit, I completed the deposit of the last 30,000 TWD. At this time, I asked the customer service for the deposit, but the customer service replied that I had breached the contract and completed the opening, so the company had to review it. It took 1 week for me to withdraw the money, and I waited for 1 week. I asked the customer service again to inform the withdrawal, but the customer service said that I had a fund that was suspected of money laundering, and I had to pay a deposit of 50% of the principal before I could withdraw. A sum of money is all deposited by me, and I can only go in but not out, and there is no transaction. How do I launder money? The platform tries its best to use the event to induce investors to deposit funds. After the event is completed, it refuses to handle the withdrawal business for various reasons. Please don't be fooled again. Attach the dialogue record with the customer service.

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation


於4月初參加平台的建倉活動,客服告知在建倉活動期間每天會有本金1%的利息,但沒明確的告知完成建倉時間,1個月後開始每天扣除本金2%,詢問客服得到的答案是超過建倉完成時間,會扣除本金的2%做為違約金,直到完成建倉就可以出金了,同時我也詢問客服完成建倉後還會有後續的違約金或是扣繳其它稅金?客服回答完成建倉後就可以立刻出金無需承擔任何費用,因此扣除違約金這理由我接受,畢竟是自己沒在時間完成,但在之後要完成建倉時,平台就將我入的金(200000TWD)直接扣除掉說是我要繳的違約金,為了想快點出建倉金,將最後的30000TWD入金建倉完成,此時跟客服提出金,客服卻回答因為我違約超出時間完成建倉,所以公司要審核1星期才能讓我出金,1星期也等了,再次詢問客服告知出金,結果客服又說我裡面有一筆款項涉嫌洗黑錢,要繳交本金50%的保證金才能出金,裡面的每一筆錢都是我ㄧ筆一筆存的,且只入無法出更沒任何交易行為,是要如何洗黑錢?平台想盡辦法利用活動誘導投資者入金,等完成活動後就以各種理由拒絕辦理出金業務,請投資者千萬別再上當 隨文附上與客服的對話紀錄

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