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Anyone who invests, does business, goes to work, and all the capital income from legitimate sources must pay personal income tax. Those who do business in ordinary times should also know how many mainland and Hong Kong stars have been fined for tax evasion and tax evasion. example. If it is said that the source of the large amount of funds is unknown and arrives at your bank card, then it is not our company's trouble, but your own trouble, because the source of the funds is unknown, and the source of the funds will be investigated. Income, not only all property will be frozen, but also judicial responsibility will be pursued. Because the funds in your gold account are now yours and belong to your personal private property, the overseas financial authority stipulates that you need to pay the tax income after paying the tax. After paying the tax, all the private property of your overseas investment can be used and distributed at will. No right to interfere. Hello, after this payment is completed, the profit will only be charged if the profit exceeds 8,000 US dollars. The existing assets in your account will not be subject to any subsequent tax. If you can handle the withdrawal business after paying the tax, the foreign exchange supervision bureau will remit the money to your bank card within 24 hours. We exchange US dollars and RMB or the currencies of various countries in the world for all customers need to go through the HKMA, so every fund They all know very well that taxes cannot be avoided.

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任何人不论是投资,做生意,上班,所得的所有正当来源的资金收入,都是需要缴纳个人所得税,平时做生意那些应该也知道,还有多少内地以及港星偷税漏税导致被罚,这就是例子。如果说大额资金不明来源,到你银行卡,到时候不是我司麻烦,是你自身麻烦,因为资金来源不明会追究资金来源,如果说境外投资所收入却没有交税,会被定性为非法收入,不仅所有财产会冻结,也会追究司法责任。因为现在你黄金账户里资金都是你个人的,属于你个人私有财产,境外金管局规定,就需要交税 所得收益交税之后你的境外投资个人所有私有财产就可以随意动用分配,金管局也无权再干涉。您好,这次交完之后之后的盈利超过8000美金才会收取,您现在账户内现有资产后续不会缴纳任何税收。纳税完之后可以办理出金业务的,24小时内外汇监管局会汇款至您的银行卡,我们给所有客户兑换美金以及人民币或者全球各个国家的币种都需要经过金管局,所以每一笔资金他们都是很清楚,税收这个是躲不掉的

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