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2022-06-19 21:26 Released in Hong Kong Hong Kong

Induced to open a FITBELA EPRO account to copy orders to operate Bitcoin, copy operation via lectures and malicious slips, the account is liquidated and the principal was hacked

Around April 20, 2022, Hanhan, who claimed to be Assistant Kong Jie, added QQ to QQ, and was pulled into a stock recommendation group. On May 8, a live class of the nuclear war financial circle was opened, claiming to be the Hongchuang Fund Organization. In the stock speculation competition, the finalists are Jiang Kaijing, Li Sen, Liu Yong, and Kong Jie. Each account has one vote every day. The one with the most votes at the end of the competition can get the 1.5 billion fund provided by Hongchuang Fund for a period of 2 years of management. At the beginning of the live broadcast class, every day was to share the market, explain stock knowledge, and recommend stocks. Later, Kong Jie came up with a private equity ticket Xuetian Salt Industry that claimed to be three times the bull stock. Bitcoin profit plan, and then Kong Jie also launched the Bitcoin profit plan. I opened a FITBELA EPRO account under the guidance of Hanhan's shared website in the classroom and in the classroom, downloaded the computer version of the FITBELA Epro MT4 Terminal software and the mobile version of the MetaTrader 4APP, and learned how to buy and sell Bitcoin under the guidance of Hanhan's assistant. In the class, Kong Jie is divided into 4 echelons according to the size of the funds. The lowest echelon requires a fund of not less than 50,000 US dollars. Before 20:00 on June 7th, every order in the live class is profitable. At 20:00 on June 7th, 2022, Beijing time, Jiang Kaijing's class time will buy more orders, and the purchase price is about 29300 points. After the purchase, the market fell by more than 6,000 points and quickly pulled back within 1 minute. Many people in the class had their accounts liquidated. When looking at the Sina Bitcoin price and the Ouyi Bitcoin price, the price of Bitcoin during this period was not lower than 29,000 points, but only the software recommended for us to use showed a Bitcoin price of about 23,000 points. After the liquidation, we asked the assistant to apply for account clearing. On June 15, there was a fund in the account, and the application for withdrawal was rejected, indicating that it was not operated and refused to withdraw.


The following is the original recommendation

被诱导开通FITBELA EPRO账号跟单操作比特币,课堂跟单操作恶意滑点,账户爆仓被黑掉本金

2022年4月20日左右QQ上被自称孔杰助理的涵涵添加了QQ,拉进了一个股票推荐群,5月8日开通了一个核战金融圈的直播课堂,自称是宏创基金组织的炒股比赛,进入决赛的参赛选手分别是江开景、李森、刘勇、孔杰,每个账号每天有一票投票权,比赛结束票数最多的可以获得宏创基金提供的15亿基金为期2年的管理权。期初直播课堂每天都是分享大盘、讲解股票知识、推荐股票,后孔杰搞出了一个自称3倍牛股的私募票雪天盐业,江开景推出了自称可以超越3倍牛股的比特币盈利计划,随后孔杰也推出了比特币盈利计划。在课堂上和课堂通过涵涵分享网址指导下开通了FITBELA EPRO账号,下载了电脑版FITBELA Epro MT4 Terminal软件和手机版MetaTrader 4APP,在涵涵助理指导下学习怎么买卖比特币。课堂上孔杰根据资金大小划分为4个梯队,最低一档的梯队要求资金不少于资金5万美元。在6月7日20点之前的直播课堂带单过程中每单都是盈利,北京时间2022年6月7日20点江开景的课堂时间带单买多,买入价格为29300点左右,买入后在1分钟内出现了下跌6000多点并快速拉回的行情,课堂上很多人的账户都爆仓了。在查看新浪比特币价格和欧易比特币价格时,该时间段比特币的价格均不低于29000点,唯独只有推荐我们使用的软件出现了23000点左右的比特币价格。爆仓后我们找助理申请了账户清零,6月15日账户有一笔资金进账,申请提现被拒绝,提示未操作,拒绝提现

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