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2022-06-16 14:33 Released in United States United States

Scam company

This is a fraud platform. All they want you to do is put in more money, they suck it in, and they also have bots to do transactions for you without your consent, just to manipulate your funds. I'm a victim of this company, but I'm glad I'm now able to take back everything they've taken and I'm able to do this because I told the SEC through Traceasset (, I really appreciate their efforts.

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation


这是一个欺诈平台,他们想要你做的只是投入更多的钱,他们会吸进去,他们还让机器人在未经你同意的情况下为你进行交易,只是为了操纵你的资金。我是这家公司的受害者,但我很高兴现在我能够收回他们吸进的所有东西,我之所以能做到这一点,是因为我通过 Traceasset( 告诉了美国证券交易委员会,我真的很感激他们努力。

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