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2022-02-28 16:40 Released in Hong Kong China Hong Kong China

Forex Ponzi Scheme GMG fraud

I was introduced to GMG(Now change to GMG Overseas) by someone that I know on March 2020. They claimed to be a company in HK. Principal-guaranteed foreign exchange custody and wealth management, sign a one-year contract, and you can get the principal back when it expires. As a result, it expired in March 2021, and the contract was terminated according to their requirements, and a confirmation letter was signed. It has now been a year and the principal has not been credited. I have asked their customer service many times, but they are all perfunctory on the grounds of third-party delays and ignore the withdrawal. GMG Jinmeigao is a complete foreign exchange fund fraud. The monthly income is 3%, and it can only be recovered in three years. It is impossible for them to give you the principal when it expires. As far as I know, the principal of the victims in Yunnan is more than 2 million, and the victims in Guangxi cannot withdraw the principal of more than 10 million. It turns out that all customers in Liuzhou have not given any income, nor have they given any principal. Now they have also created a milk tea tray, called Lettuce Wood, to forcibly convert our principal into milk tea shares. Turning into milk tea shares is just an empty name, and there is no actual benefit. I use the lessons of blood to warn everyone not to trust them. GMG Jinmeigao foreign exchange and lettuce milk tea are all harvested capital plates. Once added, they are proper leeks.

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation


我是在2020年3月被熟人介绍拉进金美高(现改名GMG Overseas),他们声称是香港公司,保本外汇托管理财,签一年合同,到期就可以取回本金。结果2021年3月到期了,按照他们的要求下解除合同,还签了出金确认书。现在已经一年时间过去了,本金一直没有到账。多次向他们的客服询问,都是以第三方延迟为理由敷衍了事,对出金置之不理。GMG金美高是彻头彻尾的外汇资金盘骗局,每月3%的收益,三年才能回本,到期他们是不可能给你出本金的。据我了解云南受害人本金200多万,广西地区受害人不能取出本金高达1000多万。原来柳州地区客户已经全部不给发收益,且也不给出本金。现在他们还搞了一个奶茶盘,叫萵櫊木,强制把我们的本金转成奶茶的股权,变成奶茶股只是空有的名义,实际没有任何的好处。我用血的教训告诫大家千万不要轻信他们,GMG金美高外汇、萵櫊木奶茶都是收割的资金盘,一旦加入就是妥妥的韭菜。

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