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2022-01-29 19:08 Released in Australia Australia

Induce and cheat me to participate in the activity to embezzle my account funds

I found out that RUI WIN CAPITAL was a regulated investment company platform at first, so I opened an account with it without worry. And I was able to withdraw successfully after the initial gold spot trading operation, but then I was induced by the customer service and the introducer to participate in reserving the 500,000 margin replenishment activity of the company. After the confirmation of participation, the customer service informed me of the detailed activity rules on LINE: Once I have participated, it cannot be cancelled or changed! And if the deposit cannot be completed within the specified period, the client will be regarded as a dishonest user, the account will be automatically frozen, and it is claimed that the account funds will be donated to the International Red Cross. I haven’t received an official email to confirm all of this. I didn't realize it was a fraud at first, and my introducer, Chen Wei, was confirmed by the platform's customer service to be qualified as a guarantor for my participation in the activity, and he also promised to assist me in completing the deposit. So I was assured that after participating in the activity, I deposited more than 70,000 US dollars of funds gradually. When the deadline was approaching, I found that the guarantor could not help me complete the activity as he promised, and the original official website of the platform was also unable to log in on January 21, 2022 suddenly, and then I realized that I had fallen into a trap. I checked the relevant warnings of the Australian Cyber Police and found that this was a typical fraud behavior. Through talking with the guarantor Chen Wei on LINE, I learned that his account can be preserved, but my account cannot be withdrawn. I infer that they may be a group at all, so I expose and report them here, hoping you to intervene and help me get my money back.


The following is the original recommendation


我因一开始查到RUI WIN CAPITAL是一家受监控的投资公司平台,才比较放心地在这里开户,且最开始的黄金现货交易操作之后也能成功出金, 但随后被客服与介绍人诱导下参加了平台的预约50万补仓金活动,参加确认后客服才在LINE上告知我详细活动规则:一旦参加不可取消与更改!并且如在规定期限内不能完成存款,就会被视为失信用户,账户会被自动冻结,并号称账户资金会捐赠国际红十字会。所有这一切都没有收到过官方的确认邮件。 我一开始并没有意识到这是一个欺诈行为,而我的介绍人陈伟经平台客服确认可以有资格作为我参加活动的担保人,他也承诺可以协助我完成活动存款。所以我也就放心地在参加活动后又陆续地存入多笔资金达7万美元余,直到临近期限我发现担保人也并不能像他承诺的那样帮我完成活动,而且平台原来的官网也于2022年1月21日时忽然无法登陆,我才猛然醒悟我是陷入了一个圈套中,我查阅了澳洲网络警察的相关警告,发现这像是典型的诈骗行为。通过LINE上与担保人陈伟交谈,我得知他的账户可以保全,而我的账户却是无法出金状态,推断他们可能根本是一伙的,所以特别在此曝光报告,希望能介入帮助我追回资金

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