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2022-01-28 09:42 Released in Hong Kong Hong Kong

Scam, what Vanke's battles, Huanhai private equity fund, huge scams. Tens of thousands people were listened to the live broadcast class. It induced to deposit money step by step, unable to withdraw money! ! ! !

Inadvertently entered a group, the teacher named Chen explained stocks, and then said that there is a Vanke competition, let us listen to the live broadcast and vote. The first place has the control of 2 billion funds. Later, he said that the domestic market was not good, so we switched to Bitcoin. An assistant taught us to download MT5, open an account with the dealer (TUBNOW), and induce deposit to operate Bitcoin. First, they showed Bitcoin trading to make money, and then formed a team. Depending on how many fund are used for different level. The higher-level ones have more orders, and the lower-level ones have fewer orders. Let us think of all possible ways to increase capital deposits. I applied for a withdrawal in the middle of the process. The assistant said that there were too many people and I needed to queue up at the bank. They told me to cancel the application first and applied later. After a week, I applied again and it kept displaying in processing. Now, the broker website cannot be opened and cannot contact the so-called teachers and assistants, I have deposited 140,000 yuan in succession. It’s so hateful. All my savings and borrowed funds have been lost, and I have nowhere to go! ! Stay away, stay away, stay away! !

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation


无意中进入一个群,名为陈青枫的老师讲解个股,紧接着说有一个万科逐鹿之战大赛,让我们听直播,投票,第一名有20亿资金操控权。再后来又说A股行情不行,转战比特币,有一个助理教我们下载MT5,在此交易商开户(TUBNOW),诱导入金操作比特币,先是展示比特币交易赚钱,后来又组建团队,以资金多少来分等级,等级高的带单就多,等级低的带单少,让我们想进一切办法加大资金入金。中途我就申请过出金,助理说人多,需要在银行排队,叫我先取消了再申请,过了一个星期继续申请,一直显示待处理,现在直接打不开交易商网站,联系不上所谓的老师,助理,我先后入金14万,太可恨了,我所有积蓄加外借来的资金都打水漂了,走头无路了!! 大家远离,远离,远离!!

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