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2022-01-21 19:22 Released in  Taiwan Taiwan

Unable to withdraw

At first, I just wanted to find other ways to increase my income. Then, I joined the official line account after seeing the FB advertisement. At first, the editor asked me to use Huobi to make a deposit of 3000. Later, the system customer service opened a platform account and then found a specialist to operate it for me. Then, they said that there is a reward of 7000, but to be able to withdraw the money, it takes 30 times of the principal to withdraw, which is 30 times of the 10,000. Then there will be appointments for the practice from time to time until the commissioner said that it can be withdrawn after the end of the practice yesterday so I provided my account the platform. The customer service said the bank's business hours, so they will handle it today, but later they said that the financial control department said that the account was filled incorrectly and could not withdraw the money. The original profit will be refunded, but the money can only be withdrawn after the operation has reached 3 times the transaction volume and tell me that commissioner will help me. I asked the commissioner to assist and then I also told the commissioner that the commissioner said that he could assist, but the technical commission in the front has to be paid first, and the total cost is 51,000. If you don’t pay first, you can’t do the next action. I told him that I don’t have any money, but he said that he can help me pay more than 20,000 and I will handle the rest and then continue to operate after paying. I have always said that I have no way to pay. I always spend all my money in that month and I have lots of debt. Although it is nothing for now but I'm worried about my account.

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation


一開始只是想要找其他方式增加自己的收入 後來看到FB有廣告 之後就加入line官方帳號 一開始是小編要我用火幣操作入資3000 後來是系統客服開通平台帳號 接著找一個專員代操 然後說有送回饋金7000 但要能出金要本金的30倍才能出金 也就是10000的30倍 接著都會不定時有預約代操 直到昨天代操結束後專員說可以提領了 我就在平台提供帳戶 客服說過了銀行營業時間 於是今天處理 但後面說金控部門說帳戶填錯無法出金 原本的獲利會返還 但要在操作到3倍的交易量才可以出金 說我可以請專員協助 然後我也跟專員說 專員就說可以協助 但前面的技術佣金要先支付 總共要51000 如果沒有先支付就沒辦法進行下一次代操 我跟他說我身邊沒有錢 結果他說不然他可以先幫我代墊兩萬多 剩下我處理 然後繳納之後再繼續操作 我也一直說我沒有辦法繳納 我就只是個月光族 債務也一堆 雖然目前就這樣不了了之 但我很擔心我的帳戶會出事

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