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2021-11-13 16:26 Released in Hong Kong China Hong Kong China

To create high profits through entrusted trading, the withdrawal requires taxes, but it cannot be deducted from the profit part, and it needs to be paid directly into the cash

1. Share the market through the investment assistant, repeatedly obtain the good market of futures, so as to make profits, so as to guide the continuous increase of gold. 2. Continue to guide the signing of "contract" and entrust the trading team to conduct trading, and the total amount has increased by 5 times in a week 3. When I asked for withdrawal, I was told to pay tax, and the tax cannot be paid through the profit part, but by deposit The website of Huixing company has been changed to Please be careful not to be cheated

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation


1. 通过投资助理分享行情,屡次获得期货的好行情,从而盈利, 从而引导不断加金2. 继续引导签订 “合同“ 委托操盘团队操盘,一周内总金额翻了 5 倍 3. 本人要求出金时,被告知 要缴税,而税不能通过盈利部分来缴,而是要入金方式来缴 这个 Huixing 公司网站已经更改为 请大家一定要小心不要上当

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