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A clone platform

Add friend: I rent out a room on 58, she leaves a message to let me add her WeChat. 2. Share her profits on Momonts. ( There is a programmer leading you to operate. No risk. The income is up to 5-8 times. Commission is 20%of the income.) 3. Suspection: I obeserved her Moments for a moth, everything is normal. 4. Communication: Answer mu questions ( If I won't profit, they can't get the commissions. There is no need to post everyday if they get no commission.) 5. Download app: Download the app by scanning the QR code she offered. I should use the recommendation code she gives after installation. The personal information is needed when I register, including name, ID card number. 6 Deposit: Ask the customer service and they will offer you the account and some information you need. Give the screenshot to the customer service after transfer. 7. add the programmer. 8. The programmer introduces considerations: If there is a operation mistake, you should deposit to make up for it. 9. Communication for operation time: next day. 10. Operation/Withdrawal: Operate ato the programmer. I withdraw without permission so they said my bank card number is wrong. 11. Insufficient turnover. What should I do?

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation


加好友:我在58同城上出租房屋,留言告诉我:加微信,58不常用;2.朋友圈炫收益:朋友每天不断更新聊天记录、转账记录(外汇交易,有程序员给予数据带着操作,无风险,投资收益高达5-8倍,收益后佣金为收益的20%);3.怀疑期:观察朋友圈一个月,微信正常,朋友圈正常;4.联系沟通:解答困惑(如果不挣钱,拿不到佣金,干嘛天天发朋友圈);5.APP下载:她给提供二维码通过浏览器下载(Skilling),安装后需要她给的推荐码,打开注册时需要填个人信息,包括姓名,身份证号;6.APP内入金:找客服入金,客服会给你转账的账号、及账号的基本信息,客服要求转完账进行截图,并把截图发给客服,刷新看到账户余额为充值金额;7.添加程序员:将账户金额截图发给微信骗子,让下载易信并把二维码提供给她,程序员加我;8.程序员介绍注意事项:其中有一项如果操作失误,需要补金弥补失误;9.沟通操作时间:第二天;10.操作/体现:正常情况根据程序员提供的命令进行操作;我私自进行了提现,之后银行卡卡号错误 11.流水不足不能提现 我该怎么办 我该去哪申诉?!

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