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2020-07-06 08:45 Released in Hong Kong Hong Kong

There was a severe slippage with the morning section on Mondays.

There was a severe slippage with the morning section on Mondays, 120.89 can slip into 119.55(I set the stop-loss 120), for example. It led to liquidation directly. It gave me the feeling that if I didn’t pay a margin, it would cause liquidation deliberately... At the same time, the price on Jinshi Data was 120.78. It is simply a malicious slippage.

Severe Slippage

The following is the original recommendation


这平台用了这么久,现在发现过完周末亚市早盘开盘初的几小时内滑点相当严重,比如外汇欧日上星期收盘120.89,然后这星期开盘直接给我整到119.55 (我止损120),这么一滑直接把我整爆仓…… 给人一种感觉就是你不上个保证止损他就给你滑点滑到爆仓……这还能好好交易嘛…… 同时段金十数据显示只有120.78,这么大的大差距,看着就是恶意滑点啊……

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