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Patakaran sa Pagkapribado

      Please read the statement carefully before accepting the service of WikiFX. Visitors actions, including browsing WikiFX website and using WikiFX service by all ways, are regarded as accepting all contents of this statement out of question.

      1. As for actions involved in WikiFX, including but not including to browsing, using, forwarding and advertising, the visitor should be careful, with goodwill and caution; the visitor shouldn‘t harm the rights and interests of WikiFX intentionally and accidentally, and mustn’t act against the laws in all countries/regions, international convention and social morality directly or indirectly by WikiFX.

      2. When you use our products and / or services, we need/may need to collect and use your personal information including the following two:

      1) In order to provide you with the basic functions of our products and / or services, you must authorize us to collect and use the necessary information. If you refuse to provide the information, you will not be able to use our products and / or services properly

      2) In order to provide you with auxiliary functions of our products and / or services, you can choose to authorize us to collect and use the information. If you refuse to provide, you will not be able to use the auxiliary functions properly or meet our expected function effects we intend to achieve. But it will not affect your use of the basic functions of our products and / or services.

      You understand and agree that:

      1) We are committed to providing a wide range of products and services to meet your needs. Due to the wide variety of our products and services, and also the specific product/service range varies with each individual , accordingly, the basic/additional functions, and the types and ranges of personal information collected and used may differ. Please refer to specific product/service functions.

      2) In order to bring you better experience of our products and services, we are constantly striving to improve our technology, and may introduce new or optimized functions from time to time. It may be necessary to collect and use personal information , or change the purpose or manner in which personal information is used. In this regard, we will explain the purpose,scope and method of the information collecting by policy update,window pop-up,page prompt , etc. In the process, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you can contact us through the contact information provided by WikiFX and we will reply your questions as soon as possible.

      3. In order to identify any abnormal account status, understand product suitability ,provide you with page display and search results that can better suit your needs while using our services, we may automatically collect your service information and store it as network log information including:

      1)Device Information: We will receive and record information about the device you are using (Information about software and hardware features including device model, operating system version, device setting, unique device identifier, device environment, etc.) based on your specific operation during software installation and/or use, and information about the device location (Including those sensor information such as your authorized GPS location and WLAN access points and base stations).

      2)Service log information: When you use our website or the products or services provided by the client, we will automatically collect your detailed use of our services as a service log, including browsing, click to view, search query, collection, add to shopping cart, transaction, after-sales, follow-up and sharing information, post information, IP address, browser type, telecom supplier, language, date and time of access.

      Please note that separate information of device or service log is information that is unable to identify a specific natural person. If we combine the non-personal information with other information to identify a specific natural person, or use it in conjunction with personal information, then the non-personal information shall be regarded as personal one during the combined period. We will anonymize the information and make it unidentified, in addition to obtaining your authorization or other laws and regulations.

      To provide you with the information displaying, searching, forwarding services that are more convenient to you and meet your personalized needs, we‘ll extract your preference features, based on which we’ll make indirect crowds portraits for displaying, forwarding information and potential commercial advertisements, according to the information of your device and service log.

      4. While providing you with the following additional services, we might collect and use your personal information for striving to enhance your experience by providing you with more convenient and personalized products and/or services of better quality. If these information are not provided, it wont influence the basic services you enjoy, such as browsing, searching and purchasing on WikiFX, but the users experience brought by these services may be unavailable for you. These services include:

      1) The global personalized recommendation service based on location information: After your location permission is opened, we‘ll visit and acquire your location information, based on which we’ll provide you with the displaying of page businesses, products and services that fit your needs better.

      2) Additional service based on camera: You can participate in offline activities and take photos for market and other related services by scanning code after turning on the camera permission.

      You understand and agree that, in order to use the additional services mentioned above, youre required to turn on the permissions of visiting the information of your location, camera and album in your device to make it possible for collection and use of the information involved in these permissions. You can view the status of these permissions item by item in your device settings or in our client, and you can decide the status of these permissions anytime.

      5. How do we protect your information:

      1) We have adopted practicable security measures that meet the industrys standard to protect your information, in avoid of unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss of personal information. For example, your information is protected by SSL protocol when exchanging data between your browser and the server. Meanwhile, We provide a safe browsing approach of HTTPS protocol for WikiFX website.

      2) We have an industry-leading data security management system with data and data life cycle at its core, enhancing the security level of the whole system from multiple aspects, such as organization development, system designing, personnel management, product technologies and so on.

      3) The Internet is not an absolutely secure environment. When using the WikiFX platform service, it is recommended that you establish contacts and share information with each other through our services. Please note that the information you voluntarily share or even share publicly when using our services may involve personal information or even personally sensitive information about you or others. Please consider more cautiously whether to share information publicly when using our services.

      4) Please use complex passwords to help us keep your account secure. We will do our best to ensure the security of any information you send us.

      6.WikiFX fully respects the copyright and intellectual property of original data creators, and trusts reasonably in the original data uploaded by the clients, who can be original creator, or has received the acceptance of copyright owners and made an agreement with them about the matters. Therefore, it is reasonable for WikiFX to buy, sell and use the related original data, and WikiFX has no responsibility on the related intellectual property disputes. It is suggested that the visitor should comply with the related intellectual property before forwarding and using data, or WikiFX bears no responsibility on the related intellectual property disputes. Meanwhile, as for the original data and WikiFX logo, WikiFX owns the independent intellectual property. So WikiFX has the right to take legal actions for any violations of intellectual property.

      7.All data published by WikiFX, the visitor‘s comments on WikiFX, and the contents from other websites by links are just used for reference or study, which dose not represent WikiFX’s opinion and are not sales recommendations.

      8.WikiFX bears no responsibility on the following situations which cause the disclosure of personal information.

      1) WikiFX shall provide the personal information according to requests of legal authority or for public safety, when the government, judicial authority and so on asks WikiFX to show personal information in accordance with legal procedure

      2) The user shows the individual password to others or shares account with other users, causing the disclosure of personal informatio

      3) The force majeure factors which influence normal operation of network, such as computer problems, hacker attack, computer virus, temporary shutting down for government regulation, cause the disclosure, missing, being misused and altered of personal informatio

      4) Others websites linked with WikiFX cause the disclosure of personal informatio

      5) Any results caused by force majeure factors.

      9. WikiFX bears no responsibility on the losses of users during the period out of service for hardware problems out of control caused by networks or other force majeure factors.

      10. Apart from the service terms marked out by WikiFX, WikiFX bears no responsibility on problems caused by using WikiFX, such as accidents, neglects, slanders, violations of copyright or intellectual property and losses from them.

      11. If there is any legal dispute arising from WikiFX resorting to litigation procedures, the court where WikiFX is located, which is the Singapore court, shall be the competent court.

      12. How we use, protect and store informatio

      1) We take strict measures to protect your privacy and our important information has been assessed at level 3 of the Network Security Level Protection. Ensure that your privacy is not violated in any way. Whenever you provide us with any personal information, we will take effective means to protect your information.

      2) WikiFX will not store your information for an extended period of time. When you choose to quit, terminate the service or when WikiFX is no longer providing services to you, WikiFX will delete your information automatically.

      You can delete your personal data on the app by yourself - just go to the page of “me” and click “delete your account” at the bottom.

      Or whenever you remove the app and ask us to delete your personal data (e.g., if it is no longer necessary to provide Services to you), you can submit the request by sending an email to our official email at wikifx001@163.com or contact our customer service for verification.

      In order to make sure we protect your data, we need to verify your identity. We may ask you at any point during this process to provide us with or upload additional information or documents before we assess whether or not it is appropriate to comply with your request. Once the verification is approved, the data deletion will be executed immediately.

      3) We will obtain part of your account information from Facebook according to your authorization and bind it with your WikiFX account so that you can log in directly with your facebook account.

      4) You can send an email to the WikiFX customer service mailbox to submit your account cancellation request, and we will assist you to cancel your account.

      13. WikiFX deserves the right to make, revise, update and explain the statement.

      14. The above statements take effect from the day of release.

    Babala sa Panganib

    Ang Database ng WikiFX ay nagmula sa opisyal na mga awtoridad sa regulasyon, tulad ng FCA, ASIC, atbp Ang nai-publish na nilalaman ay batay din sa pagiging patas, pagiging totoo at katotohanan. Ang WikiFX ay hindi humingi ng mga bayarin sa PR, bayad sa advertising, bayad sa ranggo, bayad sa paglilinis ng data at iba pang hindi bayad na bayad. Gagawin ng WikiFX ang buong makakaya upang mapanatili ang pare-pareho at pag-synchronise ng database na may mga mapagkukunang data ng mga awtoridad tulad ng mga awtoridad sa regulasyon, ngunit hindi ginagarantiyahan ang data na hanggang sa napapanatiling petsa.

    Dahil sa pagiging kumplikado ng industriya ng forex, ang ilang mga brokers ay inisyu ng mga ligal na lisensya sa pamamagitan ng mga institute ng regulasyon ng pagdaraya. Kung ang data na nai-publish ng WikiFX ay hindi naaayon sa katotohanan, mangyaring i-click ang 'Mga Reklamo' at 'Pagwawasto' upang ipaalam sa amin. Susuriin agad namin at ilalabas ang mga resulta.

    Ang mga dayuhang palitan, mahalagang mga metal at over-the-counter (OTC) na mga kontrata ay mga produkto na na-leverage, na may mataas na panganib at maaaring humantong sa mga pagkalugi ng iyong punong pamuhunan. Mangyaring mamuhunan nang makatwiran.

    Espesyal na Tandaan, ang nilalaman ng Wikifx site ay para lamang sa mga layunin ng impormasyon at hindi dapat mailarawan bilang payo sa pamumuhunan. Ang Forex broker ay pinili ng kliyente. Naiintindihan ng kliyente at isinasaalang-alang ang lahat ng mga panganib na nagmula sa pangangalakal ng Forex ay hindi nauugnay sa WikiFX, dapat tanggapin ng kliyente ang buong responsibilidad para sa kanilang mga kahihinatnan.