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Central Bank of Russia

año 1990

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The Central Bank of Russia is the Central Bank of Russia, based on Moscow's Neglinnaya street.Under Russian law, Banks' profits for the first half of the year must be counted in the Russian government's federal budget.It's part of the reckoning.As of February 28, 2015, the total amount of bank deposits was $360.2 billion, with an interest rate of 11.5%.Established by the constitution on July 13, 1990, the Russian central bank is an independent entity whose main responsibility is to protect and stabilize the Russian rouble.It is the main regulator of Russia's banking industry, responsible for banking licenses, rules on banking operations and accounting standards, and credit organization lenders.Russia's central bank has exclusive rights to issue rouble notes and COINS through the mint and Goznak in Moscow and st Petersburg.In 2010, to mark the 150th anniversary of its birth, it unveiled a 5-kilogram commemorative Alexander ii gold coin.The Russian central bank website provides information on Russian financial statistics, analysis reports, bank law summaries, central bank history, legal authority, press releases, etc.
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