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    Helius Capital

    Helius Capital

    United States
    Within 1 year Suspicious Regulatory License MT4/5 full license Regional Brokers High potential risk
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    Helius Capital

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    Helius Capital United States

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    Helius Capital

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    Pyramid scheme complaint

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    Scam It did scams and ran away after chatting
    The website was a scam. A man added your instagram account as a person living in Canada. He asked for wechat or whatapp and showed you investment profits. He wanted to teach you about transaction and help you make profits. He led you to registration of mt5 and told you to deposit by remittance. I found it was strange with a personal account for remittance. After searching it on the Internet, the website was proved to be a scam. I asked the man about it but he did not reply and blocked me. He ran away with my money. The later phone showed the scammer who cheated me.

    2021/10/26 2:07:41

    You will never be able to withdraw your money in Helius Capital because it´s a scam, pretending to be a broker. After withdrawal apply is sent, it stays in review for many days, because they actually don´t review it. When you ask about your withdrawal status in the custum service online chat, they reject the withdrawal for reasons with no sense, such as: You are making transaction in you MT5 account!, or they just block your chat.This is their actual website: https://www.helius.pro/cn/Whatsaap number +852 9681 4616 (Hong Kong number)Attachments: Some profiles they use to scam. Be aware! Always Investigate the broker before investing.

    2021/10/19 3:40:33

    Unable to withdraw Unable to withdraw
    The man called Zhang Junkai added me on the instagram and invited me to do investment. He promised that he could help me make profits. But when I wanted to withdraw, he blocked me. Here is his personal information. Beware.

    2021/10/13 19:47:45

    Scam WARNING! Fake Broker
    Helius Capital is a fraud! It´s a fake broker that has no regulation. Managed by a group of scammers, probably from Hong Kong and USA. It´s not registered in UK, and definitely it is not owned by the Standard Chartered Bank.To fund an MT account they ask you to deposit in a personal account in the Standard Chartered Bank of Hong Kong and put: "PERSONAL EXPENSES" for the purpose (totally suspicious).

    2021/10/13 3:50:12

    Scam Scam process: chat, tagging, fake platform, disappear
    First the scammer chat with me on Instagram, i added him friends due to we have common friends, then he changed to WeChat chat because of WeChat’s real name system, and finally asked me to chat on WhatsApp (so he can disappear at any time). Step 1:Send you warm greetings every day. Step 2: bragging that he is rich, experience in doing gold futures and keep uploading his profitable income. Step 3: use his own fake platform to let you deposit and profit, teach you how to withdraw, to win your trust in the platform Step 4: give you a commitment to how much profit for how long. Step 5: when you find something wrong and wanna withdraw, he proposes that you need the transaction flow to reach 2.5 times the total amount of the deposit before you can get out of the money. Step 6: arbitrary manipulation of the price on the fake platform so that you cannot make any profit. Step 7: when his lie was exposed, he took all the money away and disappear. Everyone who has a similar experience, immediately terminates the deposit transaction. The following attached pictures are: bragging, guide to deposit, transfer the deposit to an accomplice account, Hong Kong fraudulent accomplice account. The last is the photo of the fraudster. I hope you will take this as a warning.

    2021/10/6 21:35:16

    Unable to withdraw Fraud platform
    It asked for 15% personal taxes before withdrawal. I deposited $90000. Was it under the regulation of Hong Kong legal department?

    2021/9/15 15:19:06

    Helius Capital · MT4/5
    Identification Result MT4/5 full license
    The formal brokers with MT4/5 full license offer complete system service and follow-up technical support. In general, their businesses and techniques are relatively mature and the risk management abilities are much stronger.
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    Helius Capital · Website

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    United States
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    Helius Capital

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    Helius Capital

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