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    10-15 years | United Arab EmiratesRegulation | Forex License | Main-Label MT4/5

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    • 8.17 License Index
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    • 8.14 Regulatory Index

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    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

    • Financial Conduct Authority

      FCA Forex License(MM)

    • Dubai Financial Services Authority

      DFSA Forex License

    • The Securities Commission of The Bahamas

      SCB Forex License

      Offshore Regulated

    Full Name : ActivTrades Plc

    Abbreviation : ActivTrades

    Registration Country : ActivTrades

    Regulatory Status : Regulated

    Email : englishdesk@activtrades.com

    Phone : +44 (0) 207 6500 500

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    Last Detect: 2019.07.19 Risk : 3 Item

    • Bahamas SCB regulation with Reference No.Unreleased belongs to offshore regulation. Please be alert!
    • United Arab Emirates DFSA(Reference No.:F003511)Regulation status is abnormal. The official regulation status is Revoked.Please be alert!
    • Current data shows that the broker has not valid license in United States. Please note the risk!

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    Regulation Information

    • Regulated
      Financial Conduct Authority

      Country/District: United Kingdom

      Reference No.:434413

      License Type:Forex License(MM)

      Issue Date:2005/10/27

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    • Revoked
      Dubai Financial Services Authority

      Country/District: United Arab Emirates

      Reference No.:F003511

      License Type:Forex License

      Issue Date:2016/11/22

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    • Offshore Regulated
      The Securities Commission of The Bahamas

      Country/District: Bahamas

      Reference No.:Unreleased

      License Type:Forex License

      Issue Date:-

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    Financial Conduct Authority

    Financial Conduct Authority (UK FCA)

    On April 1, 2013, the FSA was replaced by two parallel regulators, the FCA (financial conduct authority) and PRA (prudential financial authority).

    • Regulated Broker : ActivTrades

      Licence Date : 2005/10/27

    • Email : consumer.queries@fca.org.uk

      Expiry Date : --

    • Website : --

      Phone : 44 2070661000

    • Address : 1 ThoMas More Square London E1W 1YN UNITED KINGDOM

    • Regulation Document : ACTIVTRADES_FCA交易商监管信息表_查询结果 View the Certificate

    Dubai Financial Services Authority

    Dubai Financial Services Authority (AE DFSA)

    The DFSA is an independent regulator of financial services or from the dubai international financial centre, with a dedicated financial free trade zone in dubai, the united Arab emirates.DFSA regulatory authority includes asset management, banking and credit services, securities, collective investment fund custody and trust services, commodity futures trading, islamic finance, insurance, international stock exchange, and an international commodity derivatives exchange.In addition to regulating finance and ancillary services, the DFSA is responsible for overseeing and enforcing AML and CTF requirements applicable to the dubai international financial centre.DFSA has also accepted the delegation's authority to investigate DIFC corporate affairs and partnerships for major breaches DIFC corporate legal doubts and pursuing enforcement remedies can be registered.

    • Regulated Broker : ActivTrades

      Licence Date : 2016/11/22

    • Email : markets@dfsa.ae

      Expiry Date : --

    • Website : --

      Phone : 971 04 362 1500

    • Address : N1702A & N1702F, Level 17, EMiraTes Financial Tower, DIFC, PO Box 507112, Dubai, UAE

    • Regulation Document : ActivTrades 监管页截图 View the Certificate 爱汇 迪拜牌照信息 20190214更新 View the Certificate

    The Securities Commission of The Bahamas

    The Securities Commission of The Bahamas (BS SCB)

    The securities commission of the Bahamas (" the commission ") is a statutory body established in 1995 under the securities commission act,1995.The practice has been repealed and replaced with new legislation.The committee is tasked with the behaviour now defined in the securities industry,2011 (sia,2011).The board is responsible for sia's management,2011, the investment funds act,2003 (IFA), which provides oversight and management of the activities of investment funds, securities and capital markets.Commission, appointed inspector of financial and enterprise services effective January 1, 2008, also responsible for the financial and enterprise service provider management act,2000.

    • Regulated Broker : ActivTrades

      Licence Date : --

    • Email : --

      Expiry Date : --

    • Website : --

      Phone : --

    • Address : 209/210 Church STreeT, SandyporT Plaza, Nassau, BahaMas

    • Regulation Document : AUSINVEST MT5服务器 View the Certificate

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          10-15 years United Arab EmiratesRegulation BahamasRegulation United KingdomRegulation Forex License Forex License(MM) Main-Label MT4/5 Global Business United Arab Emirates Forex License Revoked Medium potential risk Offshore Regulating

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