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    Securities and Futures Commission of Hongkong

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    ChaoShang Financial Holding Limited

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    China Hong Kong

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    Securities and Futures Commission of Hongkong

    Securities and Futures Commission of Hongkong (HK SFC)

    The securities and futures commission (SFC) ,an independent statutory body established in 1989,oversees the operation of the securities and futures market in Hong Kong.The securities and futures ordinance and its subsidiary legislation entitles the SFC the to investigate, correct and discipline.It operates independently of the government of the Hong Kong special administrative region and is funded mainly by transaction levy and licence fees.As the financial regulator of the international financial centre, the SFC has been committed to strengthening and safeguarding the integrity and soundness of Hong Kong's securities and futures markets, thus safeguarding the interests of investors and the industry.

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      852 22311222
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    • Licensed Regulation Document :

      BGH629 牌照地址 View the Certification BGH629 牌照信息 View the Certification
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