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    Regulated in Australia
    Straight Through Processing(STP)
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    The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints! The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints! The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!

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    Australia Securities & Investment Commission

    Market Making(MM)

    ASIC Revoked

    Financial Conduct Authority

    Straight Through Processing(STP)

    FCA Regulated

    Vanuatu Financial Services Commission

    Retail Forex License

    VFSC Revoked


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      Lots of Complaints
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      +61 2 9251 1395
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      GeneralInformation&RegulationUnionStandardGroup(USG)isanAustralianinvestmentfirmthatprovidesaccesstotradeforexandCFDsunderthebrandname‘USGFX’.Thebrandbeganoperationsin2005andisheadquarteredinSydney,AustraliawithsubsidiariesinLondonandAsia.UnionStandardInternationalGroupPtyLtdisregulatedbytheAustralianSecuritiesandInvestmentCommission(ASIC),withlicensenumber302792,however,thislicensehasbeenrevoked.USGUKisthetradingnameof“UnionStandardInternationalGroupLimited”whichisregisteredinEnglandandWaleswiththereg.number10702813,isauthorizedandregulatedbytheFinancialConductAuthority(FCA)withthelicensenumber:798776.MarketsInstrumentsInvestorscantrade60currencypairs,aswellasGold,Silver,indices,andCFDsthroughtheUSGFXmarket,whichoffers24/7customerservice.MinimumDepositUSGFXoffersfourdifferenttypesofaccountsforGlobalinvestors,includingtheMiniAccount(minimumdepositis$100),StandardAccount(minimumbalanceof$10,000),VIPAccount(minimumbalanceis$50,000),andProECNAccounts(minimumbalanceof$50,000).USGFXUKofferstheRetailAccount(withminimumdepositis£500)andtheProfessionalAccount(minimumdepositof£5,000).LeverageTradingwithUSGFXtradersautomaticallyaccessflexibilitytochooseleveragefrom1:20to1:500.TheMini,Standard,andVIPaccountshaveflexibleleverageoptionsof1:100,1:200,1:400,1:500,respectively,whiletheProECNaccounthasaleverageof1:100.Spreads&CommissionsForMiniAccounts,theminimumspreadis2.8pipsforEURUSDand3pipsforGBPUSD.ForStandardAccounts,theminimumspreadis2.2pipsforEURUSD,2.4pipsforGBPUSD,5pipsforGoldand4pipsforSilver,whileforVIPandProECNAccounts,theminimumspreadis1.6pipsforEURUSD,1.3pipsforEURUSD,and4pipsforbothGoldandSilver.Allspreadchangesarevariable,andUSGFXchargesanadditional$10perlotinadditiontothespreadsfortradingstock&indices.TradingPlatformsUSGFXofferstradersawiderangeoftradingplatforms,includingtheindustry-recognizedleadingMT4&MT5tradingplatforms,MT4AndroidMobile,MT4AppleMobile,MT5AndroidMobile,MT5AppleMobile,andmobileappsdownloadingfromGooglePlay&AppleStore.Moreover,USGFXalsosupportsweb-basedtradingplatforms,MT4multi-accountmanagementsystems,andsocialtrading,givingtraderstheflexibilitytochooseinlightoftheiractualneeds.SocialTradingUSGFXprovidessocialtradingsolutionstoclientswhohavenotimetotradeorthosewhosimplywanttocopyothertraderswithoutbotheringwithanycomplexmarketanalysis.ThesocialtradingplatformsprovidedincludeMyfxbook,ZuluTrade.DepositandWithdrawalUSGFXofferstradersawiderangeoftradingoptions,includingbankwiretransfers,VISA,MasterCard,PerfectMoney,FasaPay,Skrill,NETELLER,UnionPay,Thai,Malaysian,Indonesian,Vietnamesetransfers,cryptocurrencypayments,andmore.USGFXUnionPayhasabolishedtheCUPwithdrawalfeesinceJuly20th,2015.CustomerSupportTheUSGFXcustomersupportteamcanbeavailable24/5.Theycanbereachedonphone,emailandthroughtheinstantwebchatfeatureavailableonthewebsite. About More
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    • The WikiFX cloud system has verified this broker has way too many complaints, and it is in the WikiFX complaint blacklist; please be aware of the risk!
    • The number of the complaints received by WikiFX have reached 521 for this broker in the past 3 months, please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!
    • The number of this brokers's nagitive field survey reviews has reached 1, please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!
    • AustraliaASIC (license number: 302792) The regulatory status is abnormal, the official regulatory status is Revoked, please be aware of the risk!
    • VanuatuVFSC (license number: 41706) The regulatory status is abnormal, the official regulatory status is Revoked, please be aware of the risk!
    • The VanuatuVFSC regulatory with license number: 41706 is an offshore regulatory, please be aware of the risk!

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    Australia Securities & Investment Commission

    Australia Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC)

    The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is an independent Australian government body that acts as Australia's corporate regulator, which was established on 1 July 1998 following recommendations from the Wallis Inquiry. ASIC's role is to enforce and regulate company and financial services laws to protect Australian consumers, investors and creditors. ASIC's authority and scope were determined by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act, 2001.

    • Licensed Institution :


      Effective Date :

    • Email Address of Licensed Institution :


      License Type:

      No Sharing
    • Website of Licensed Institution :


      Expiry Date :

    • Address of Licensed Institution :

      SuiTe 3 G, 135 Macquarie STreeT, SYDNEY NSW 2000

      Phone Number of Licensed Institution :

      02 8263 2300
    • Licensed Institution Certified Documents :

      UNION STANDARD afca20200902更新 View Certified Documents USB_ASIC监管查询信息截图1 View Certified Documents USG_FOS查询信息截图 View Certified Documents 302792 牌照信息20190212 View Certified Documents USGFX ASIC监管2020.09.21 View Certified Documents
    Financial Conduct Authority

    Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom, but operates independently of the UK Government, and is financed by charging fees to members of the financial services industry. On 19 December 2012, the Financial Services Act 2012 received royal assent, and it came into force on 1 April 2013. The Act created a new regulatory framework for financial services and abolished the Financial Services Authority. The FCA regulates financial firms providing services to consumers and maintains the integrity of the financial markets in the United Kingdom. It focuses on the regulation of conduct by both retail and wholesale financial services firms.

    • Licensed Institution :

      Union Standard International Group Limited

      Effective Date :

    • Email Address of Licensed Institution :


      License Type:

      No Sharing
    • Website of Licensed Institution :


      Expiry Date :

    • Address of Licensed Institution :

      75 King William Street London EC4N 7BE UNITED KINGDOM

      Phone Number of Licensed Institution :

      +44 2078463712
    • Licensed Institution Certified Documents :

      Union FCA牌照信息__20190812更新.jpg View Certified Documents USGFX-FCA牌照210224 View Certified Documents 798776.png View Certified Documents Union Standard International FCA20200722更新 View Certified Documents
    Vanuatu Financial Services Commission

    Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC)

    The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) was formally established in December 1993, after the Vanuatu Parliament enacted the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission Act No. 35 of 1993. Previous to this, the VFSC was the Registrar of Companies and the Official Receivership Department of the Treasury since 1971 under the then, British Administration and after independence in July 1980, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management. The VFSC has set up four departments, namely Corporate Services, Legal Enforcement & Insolvency, Supervision and Registration.

    • Licensed Institution :


      Effective Date :

    • Email Address of Licensed Institution :


      License Type:

      No Sharing
    • Website of Licensed Institution :


      Expiry Date :

    • Address of Licensed Institution :


      Phone Number of Licensed Institution :

    • Licensed Institution Certified Documents :

      USGFX-VFSC牌照210412 View Certified Documents USGFX_VFSC监管截图 View Certified Documents

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          1. What is pyramid scheme complaint?
          With the continuous development of the forex market, more and more Ponzi schemes have poured in, and global investors have suffered greatly. WikiFX has set up a complaint channel in order to ensure the funds security and prevent more scams. We sincerely invite foreign exchange investors to report such fraud platforms and jointly purify the market environment!
          2. 10 Features of Pyramid Scheme
          High Profit Promised Level Marketing Required Multi-level Marketing False Advertising Master Trader Awarded 'Datuk' Brainwashing-style training Fake Regulation Copycat of other platforms Marketing & PR campaigns
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          USGFX · Company summary

            General Information & Regulation

            Union Standard Group (USG) is an Australian investment firm that provides access to trade forex and CFDs under the brand name ‘USGFX’. The brand began operations in 2005 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with subsidiaries in London and Asia. Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), with license number 302792, however, this license has been revoked. USG UK is the trading name of “Union Standard International Group Limited” which is registered in England and Wales with the reg. number 10702813, is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with the license number: 798776.


            Markets Instruments

            Investors can trade 60 currency pairs, as well as Gold, Silver, indices, and CFDs through the USGFX market, which offers 24/7 customer service.

            Minimum Deposit

            USGFX offers four different types of accounts for Global investors, including the Mini Account ( minimum deposit is $100), Standard Account (minimum balance of $10,000), VIP Account ( minimum balance is $50,000), and Pro ECN Accounts (minimum balance of $50,000). USGFX UK offers the Retail Account ( with minimum deposit is £500 ) and the Professional Account (minimum deposit of £5,000).


            Trading with USGFX traders automatically access flexibility to choose leverage from 1:20 to 1:500. The Mini, Standard, and VIP accounts have flexible leverage options of 1:100, 1:200, 1:400, 1:500, respectively, while the Pro ECN account has a leverage of 1:100.

            Spreads & Commissions

            For Mini Accounts, the minimum spread is 2.8 pips for EURUSD and 3 pips for GBPUSD. For Standard Accounts, the minimum spread is 2.2 pips for EURUSD, 2.4 pips for GBPUSD, 5 pips for Gold and 4 pips for Silver, while for VIP and Pro ECN Accounts, the minimum spread is 1.6 pips for EURUSD, 1.3 pips for EURUSD, and 4 pips for both Gold and Silver. All spread changes are variable, and USGFX charges an additional $10 per lot in addition to the spreads for trading stock & indices.

            Trading Platforms

            USGFX offers traders a wide range of trading platforms, including the industry-recognized leading MT4 & MT5 trading platforms, MT4 Android Mobile, MT4 Apple Mobile, MT5 Android Mobile, MT5 Apple Mobile, and mobile apps downloading from Google Play & Apple Store. Moreover, USGFX also supports web-based trading platforms, MT4 multi-account management systems, and social trading, giving traders the flexibility to choose in light of their actual needs.

            Social Trading

            USGFX provides social trading solutions to clients who have no time to trade or those who simply want to copy other traders without bothering with any complex market analysis. The social trading platforms provided include Myfxbook, ZuluTrade.

            Deposit and Withdrawal

            USGFX offers traders a wide range of trading options, including bank wire transfers, VISA, MasterCard, Perfect Money, FasaPay, Skrill, NETELLER, UnionPay, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese transfers, cryptocurrency payments, and more. USGFX UnionPay has abolished the CUP withdrawal fee since July 20th, 2015.

            Customer Support

            The USGFX customer support team can be available 24/5. They can be reached on phone, email and through the instant web chat feature available on the website.

          Risk Warning

          The Database of WikiFX comes from the official regulatory authorities , such as the FCA, ASIC, etc. The published content is also based on fairness, objectivity and fact. WikiFX doesn't ask for PR fees, advertising fees, ranking fees, data cleaning fees and other illogical fees. WikiFX will do its utmost to maintain the consistency and synchronization of database with authoritative data sources such as regulatory authorities, but does not guarantee the data to be up to date consistently.

          Given the complexity of forex industry, some brokers are issued legal licenses by cheating regulation institutes. If the data published by WikiFX are not in accordance with the fact, please click 'Complaints 'and 'Correction' to inform us. We will check immediately and release the results.

          Foreign exchange, precious metals and over-the-counter (OTC) contracts are leveraged products, which have high risks and may lead to losses of your investment principal. Please invest rationally.

          Special Note, the content of the Wikifx site is for information purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. The Forex broker is chosen by the client. The client understands and takes into account all risks arising with Forex trading is not relevant with WikiFX, the client should bear full responsibility for their consequences.