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    • Politique de confidentialité

    Please read the statement carefully before accepting the service of WikiFX. Visitor’s actions, including browsing WikiFX website and using WikiFX service by all ways, are regarded as accepting all contents of this statement out of question.

    1. As for actions involved in WikiFX, including but not including to browsing, using, forwarding and advertising, the visitor should be careful, with goodwill and caution; the visitor shouldn’t harm the rights and interests of WikiFX intentionally and accidentally, and mustn’t act against the laws in all countries/regions, international convention and social morality directly or indirectly by WikiFX.

    2. WikiFX fully respects the copyright and intellectual property of original data creators, and trusts reasonably in the original data uploaded by the clients, who can be original creator, or has received the acceptance of copyright owners and made an agreement with them about the matters. Therefore, it is reasonable for WikiFX to buy, sell and use the related original data, and WikiFX has no responsibility on the related intellectual property disputes. It is suggested that the visitor should comply with the related intellectual property before forwarding and using data, or WikiFX bears no responsibility on the related intellectual property disputes. Meanwhile, as for the original data and WikiFX logo, WikiFX owns the independent intellectual property. So WikiFX has the right to take legal actions for any violations of intellectual property.  

    3. All data published by WikiFX, the visitor’s comments on WikiFX, and the contents from other websites by links are just used for reference or study, which dose not represent WikiFX’s opinion and are not sales recommendations.

    4. WikiFX bears no responsibility on the following situations which cause the disclosure of personal information.

    1) WikiFX shall provide the personal information according to requests of legal authority or for public safety, when the government, judicial authority and so on asks WikiFX to show personal information in accordance with legal procedure;

    2) The user shows the individual password to others or shares account with other users, causing the disclosure of personal information;

    3) The force majeure factors which influence normal operation of network, such as computer problems, hacker attack, computer virus, temporary shutting down for government regulation, cause the disclosure, missing, being misused and altered of personal information;

    4) Others websites linked with WikiFX cause the disclosure of personal information;

    5) Any results caused by force majeure factors.

    5. WikiFX bears no responsibility on the losses of users during the period out of service for hardware problems out of control caused by networks or other force majeure factors.

    6. Apart from the service terms marked out by WikiFX, WikiFX bears no responsibility on problems caused by using WikiFX, such as accidents, neglects, slanders, violations of copyright or intellectual property and losses from them.

    7. Any legal disputes appealing to proceedings caused by WikiFX are under the jurisdiction of People’s Court of Shanghai, where WikiFX headquarters.

    8. WikiFX deserves the right to make, revise, update and explain the statement.

    9. The above statements take effect from the day of release.


    Les données utilisées par WikiFX sont toutes les données officielles publiées par les instituts de réglementation tels que FCA, ASIC. Tous les contenus publiés sont basés sur les principes d'équité, d'objectivité et de vérité des faits. Il n'accepte aucune commission des courtiers, y compris les frais de relations publiques \ frais de publicité \ frais de classement \ frais de suppression de données. WikiFX fait de son mieux pour maintenir les données en ligne avec celles publiées par les instituts de réglementation mais ne s'engage pas à les conserver en temps réel.

    Compte tenu de la complexité de l’industrie du forex, certains instituts de réglementation délivrent des licences légales à certains courtiers en les escroquant. Si les données publiées par WikiFX ne concordent pas, veuillez utiliser la fonction Réclamations et corrections pour nous en informer. Nous allons vérifier immédiatement et publier les résultats.

    Les contrats de change, de métaux précieux et over-the-counter (OTC) sont des produits à effet de levier, qui présentent un risque élevé et peuvent entraîner une perte de votre capital d'investissement. Veuillez investir de manière rationnelle.

    Avis spécial: Les informations fournies par WikiFX sont uniquement données à titre indicatif et n’indiquent aucun conseil en investissement. Les investisseurs devraient choisir les courtiers eux-mêmes. Le risque lié aux courtiers n'est pas pertinent avec WikiFX. Les investisseurs assument eux-mêmes les conséquences et les responsabilités.


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