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ScamUnable to withdraw

I have 552 826.83 USD in my account but I want to withdraw only 1000 USD, I can't withdraw it. Plus saying that you have reserved a platform for accumulated top-up activities. to prevent users from withdrawing and recharging to get platform bonuses. We are temporarily unable to manage your withdrawal business. But when informed that they have never booked or participated in the activity It told me to top up 5000USD and reduce it to 2000USD, can anyone help? Please coordinate with this brochure. For anyone who is playing this broker, quit it. It's definitely a scam because I can't withdraw even 1000 dollars.

Thailand Thailand 2022-05-05 22:22
Thailand Thailand 2022-05-05 22:22
Unable to withdrawCan't withdraw money and require to add more money

I invested in foreign exchange with this broker on Mar. 3, 2022. I was advised to invest in this broker and withdraw. I had traded and withdrawn twice. I invest aagain after it is avaliable to withdraw, but I seem unable to withdraw after making a lot of profit. They claim that the security level of my account is low. I need to deposit first. After that, the account is able wo withdraw. Please help. My account has 377984.81 USDT, but I cannot withdraw a peeny. Please help me.

Thailand Thailand 2022-04-21 23:58
Thailand Thailand 2022-04-21 23:58
ResolvedUnable to withdraw money

Notify me to withdraw money and tell me to close for maintenance, and must wait for 24 hours or 48 hours. Some rounds after withdrawing money, they tell me that you have made too much profit so you have to pay 30% tax before you can withdraw. The money is frozen by the broker now. I want to ask for help, I have to owe a lot of money.

South Korea South Korea 2022-04-03 20:05
South Korea South Korea 2022-04-03 20:05
Unable to withdrawInformed withdrawing money and told me to pay profit tax of 30%

Informed to withdraw money and can't withdraw, he said that I had to pay 30% tax first. Concluded that I was cheated.

South Korea South Korea 2022-04-01 05:24
South Korea South Korea 2022-04-01 05:24
ScamUnable to withdraw and allow additional transfers to withdraw money

Someone suggested trading with this broker. I have transferred money for the first time for 1 hundred thousand baht and have traded as soon as he got the bracelet. I thought to withdraw it, but can't withdraw It. It allows you to transfer money into an additional about 110000 baht to withdraw.

Thailand Thailand 2022-03-30 04:11
Thailand Thailand 2022-03-30 04:11
Unable to withdrawHorrible Exprience/ Unable to withdraw

Motongfx are just very terrible set of experts who seem to be very good with their tricks. I observed some due diligence before investing with Motongfx but guess what ? I ended up getting burned. My concerns started when I tried withdrawing some money to purchase a tractor for my farm. I discovered I was not able to make any withdrawals.I sent several mails to their compliance lady but to no avail.

Canada Canada 2022-03-07 03:28
Canada Canada 2022-03-07 03:28
ScamMotongfx service didn't transfer money to Binance for me

I recently traded mt5 stocks through a broker. MOTONGFX limited server has agreed to use promotions for new players, deposit $12000 and get $1288 bonus, no deal at all. When I deposit, the service has transferred the bonus to me in mt5. On 19/2/2022, I would like to withdraw money on my birthday. There seems to be a long wait for funds to be withdrawn from the service. I didn't go to Binance, I asked the service department again, they said I couldn't withdraw the money, the money was 0usd, my money was gone, and the service department didn't answer? ? ? ? I can only answer that I need to add more money. Friends who want to cancel the discount need to recharge more than 3000usd to withdraw. I feel cheated. There are many withdrawal rules.

Thailand Thailand 2022-02-28 23:03
Thailand Thailand 2022-02-28 23:03
Unable to withdrawI cant withdraw my money in MT5 by MOTONGFX Server

The broker has a promotion for new customers. That is, top up and get a bonus. when i got the bonus I want to withdraw money to use on my birthday can't withdraw Informed that need to add more money Cancel the promotion, you need to top up more. which the stated agreement of the promotion does not tell the customer to the withdrawal limit promotion cancellation Now my MT5 account funds 0 usd, I feel cheated, exploited, tempted to deposit more so I want my withdraw.

Thailand Thailand 2022-02-26 20:39
Thailand Thailand 2022-02-26 20:39
Unable to withdrawRequest to withdraw money, saying that you are suspected of money laundering, and you need to make additional deposits to prove yourself

Request to withdraw money, although the amount has been deducted from your account, but it will never arrive in the account. I contact customer service and they make excuse of time difference between the account and the platform, and then send a letter saying that you are suspected of money laundering and request an additional deposit of $18,000 within the time limit to prove that it is you account, otherwise your account will not be available, and you will never want to withdraw a cent of the tens of thousands of dollars you have deposited before. If you contact customer service again, you will always be in a busy state.

Australia Australia 2022-02-10 06:24
Australia Australia 2022-02-10 06:24
Unable to withdrawCan not withdraw

They won't allow me to withdraw. They said I'm may involve with laundry money activity

Thailand Thailand 2022-02-08 02:10
Thailand Thailand 2022-02-08 02:10
Unable to withdrawUnable to withdraw

I am trading xauusdt through Motong on MT5. After a while, the platform cannot be logged in. I contact customer service and ask for withdrawal, but they never respond. I hope you can mediate for this problem. Thank you very much!

United Kingdom United Kingdom 2022-02-04 00:19
United Kingdom United Kingdom 2022-02-04 00:19
Unable to withdrawParticipated in the promotion activities and was accused of money laundering. You need to increase the deposit to verify your account before you can withdraw money.

After openning an account introduced by netizens and depositing, and completing the promotion activities, the withdrawal could not be made normally. After the withdrawal request was issued, I kept contacting the customer service staff for inquiries (URL: en) After more than 20 hours, I still could not receive the funds, but I received an email from motongFx I was accused of money laundering. They will deduct 10% of account funds every day if I did not make a deposit of 18000 dollars to verify my account, (see attachment). The fraud platform clearly embezzled customer funds. Resulting in my direct financial losses as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars. Only here to warn other investors not to be fooled

Australia Australia 2022-02-01 09:11
Australia Australia 2022-02-01 09:11
Unable to withdrawI was accused of money laundering and my account was locked from withdrawal

The customer service tells them that the required amount must be top-up. After filling up and withdrawal, I was accused of laundering, and the account was locked. I must top-up 5% of the balance in the system. If not do it in the specified period, I have to pay an additional 20%, making it impossible to withdraw.

Thailand Thailand 2022-01-29 23:47
Thailand Thailand 2022-01-29 23:47
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