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2022-09-12 20:23 Released in  Taiwan Taiwan

Oubo induces cheating. AI intelligence makes you liquidated

Oubo’s fake advertisements and their AI smart investment, saying is a stable and profitable type. The most important thing is to put risk control first. It tricks investors into joining the experience first, and then tells them that they must increase the capital to 30,000 US dollars after a month of joining. , you can join the official version of AI, but the trial version and the official version have never been announced before. In the first month, you can operate with small lots, so that you can make small and stable profits. After a month, you will continue to advocate adding gold to join the formal cooperation. After the evaluation, I could no longer deposit funds, so I was told that I could only continue to use the trial version. As a result, the AI ​​intelligent operation suddenly increased the lot size to 3 to trade, and no stop loss was set, which directly caused you to liquidate your position.


The following is the original recommendation

Oubo 誘導欺騙 AI 智能讓你爆倉

Oubo 不實廣告,大打他們的AI智能投資,屬於穩健獲利型,最重要的是風險把控為首位,誘騙投資者先加入體驗,等加入一個月後才告知必須增加資金到3萬美元,才能加入正式版AI,但先前從未告知什麼體驗版及正式版。第一個月先小手數操作,讓你少量且穩定獲利,一個月後就不斷鼓吹加金才能加入正式合作。我評估過後無法再注金,所以被告知只能繼續用體驗版,結果AI智能操作突然加大手數到3去交易,且未設止損,直接讓你爆倉。

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