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2022-09-12 13:36 Released in Hong Kong Hong Kong

New Robust Universal Condones Agent's Evil

Xinqiang Global takes the reputation of Hong Kong Global, and conducts business in the mainland. Strong agent bought a Hong Kong mobile phone number for registration on WeChat, attracting agents to open customers with high conditions. Strong Global, Jiujiu Foreign Exchange, Anshi International, and Xulong International build data terminals for the same group of people to develop agents, and will not directly return commissions in the later stage. If the official website customer service complains, the official website customer service directly closes the chat terminal of the person, and the superior agent has deleted all the Contact information, here to expose the evil deeds of the new solid global agent,


The following is the original recommendation


新坚固环球 打着香港环球的名誉,在大陆开展业务,坚固代理买来香港手机号用于注册微信,以高条件吸引代理开客户,客户资金进来后,以各种借口随意降低条件,严重怀疑新坚固环球,久久外汇,安时国际,旭隆国际为同一批人员搭建数据端,进行发展代理,后期直接不予以返佣,官网客服投诉,官网客服直接关闭本人聊天端,上级代理已删除所有的联系方式,在此曝光新坚固环球代理的恶行,

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