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2022-07-22 16:22 Released in Hong Kong China Hong Kong China

LIRUNEX falsely advertised and defrauded customer funds

First, with regard to filling in the form, the account manager made it clear that all you need to do was submit the account name. Second, the account manager represents the platform and thus more professional than the client. It has been confirmed again and again with the manager and his superior. However, things didn’t turn out what it was supposed to be and the client is solely responsible for the losses. Third, I admit that I am also partly responsible because I did not read the terms, but the account manager also stated that he and his superior took the main responsibility for this matter. So I have applied for compensations from the platform many times. But the platform only thinks it's the customer's fault. This is very unreasonable. The latest reply is that all the responsibilities fall on the customer, and all the losses are borne by the customer. I don't think it's acceptable for this to happen to anyone. What is the difference between such behavior and fraud, and what is the difference between such an irresponsible platform and an illegal one?


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