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2022-06-30 16:33 Released in Hong Kong Hong Kong

The profit of the cpt platform cannot be withdrawn. The total amount of the two accounts is about 15,000 US dollars.

I report the profit of the cpt platform with my real name and do not give a total of about 15,000 US dollars in two accounts. My transactions are normal transactions. One account has a deposit of 5,000 US dollars, another account with 10,000 US dollars and 5,000 US dollars has earned more than 9,000 US dollars, and the other has earned more than 4,000 US dollars. After the platform Sending an email to say that the illegal transaction has no evidence and no evidence, and the company is not in the country, just one sentence. This is clearly the store's bullying, that is, the profit is deducted and only the principal can be paid. Attach my transaction record. The eyes of the public are sharp (account 2885177 2861402 2872280) The three are sub-accounts of the same name with a deposit of $5,000 from the first account (account 2885182 2868270 2875209) This is the second sub-account of the same name with a deposit of $10,000. It is said to be supervised by FCA. I think the funds are not safe at all. Deduct the money at their will.

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation

cpt平台利润不给出 两个账户总共15000美金左右

本人实名举报 cpt平台利润不给出 两个账户总共15000美金左右 本人交易都是正常交易 一个账户入金5000 美金 另外个10000美金 5000美金的账户赚了9000多美金 另外个赚了4000多美金左右 后平台发邮件说违法交易 无凭无据 公司又不在国内 就一句话 这分明就是店大欺客 就是扣除利润 只能出本金 附上我的交易记录 群众的眼睛 是雪亮的 ( 账户2885177 2861402 2872280) 这三个是第一个账户入金5000美金的 同名子账户 ( 账户 2885182 2868270 2875209)这是第二个账户入金10000美金的 同名子账户 说是FCA监管 我看资金一点都不安全 都是起早贪黑挣的辛苦钱 说扣就扣

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