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2022-06-24 15:27 Released in Malaysia Malaysia

Withdrawal requires 2 times transaction flow. Locus is a scam

At the beginning, I met on the Internet and then introduced me to this platform. He said that he would help me plan a $500 plan. Later, he said that the next market required $800 and asked me to deposit an additional $300, but I refused. Later, he kept telling me that I have to wait for the arrival of the next good node and wait until I finally want to withdraw the gold, but I say that the gold must be doubled in order to be released, and then suddenly change the subject and say that he is on another platform. The information on this platform is completely unknown! There is a problem with the withdrawal platform. I hope that Forex Sky Eye will assist and help me to investigate and get my losses back!

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation

出金需要一倍流水才能出 locus 詐騙

一開始在網路認識 後來介紹我來這個平台 他說會幫我計畫一個500美金的策劃 後來就說下個行情需要800美金要我額外入金300美金 但我拒絕 ,後來他一直和我說那要等待下個好節點的到來 等到最後我想出金了卻說出金要有一倍流水才能出 到後來突然換話題說他在另一個平台了這平台裡的信息他已經完全不知道了!出金平台都有問題希望外匯天眼協助並幫助我調查取回我的損失!

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