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2022-06-10 20:19 Released in Hong Kong Hong Kong

Unable to withdraw. Slippage, The server name is the same as mt4 above. Can't withdraw money. Through the public account and telephone, live broadcast under the guise of a "stock market training institute", leading to foreign exchange transactions, and now it is impossible to withdraw money, and people cannot contact. The slippage is serious, and the slippage in the middle of the night will blow your position. Alarmed. Do a few stocks first, earn a few points, and then say someone runs away. In a few days, I said that I would double the stock, but the funds were not enough. One person said that it could be a stock index, and the other said that it was difficult to do it. In a few days, it is said that the funds are still not enough, so why not do a stock index check. It is said that the market is not good these days, and Grapefruit is going to short the stock index. Buy short. Everything in the group is drama. Guiders and shills are lying. The three websites were all new after a look. They are all this year, and they are all traps.

Unable to withdraw

The following is the original recommendation

无法出金 滑点,。服务器名字和上面的mt4一样。无法出金了。通过公众号和电话,以“股市研修院”的幌子直播,引导到外汇交易,现在无法出金了,人也无法联系。滑点严重,半夜滑点,爆你仓。已报警。 先做几只股票,赚几点,然后说有人抢跑。过几天说做翻倍股票,资金不够,一个人说可以可以做股指,一个说不好做。过几天说资金还是不够,要不做做股指看看。说这几天大盘不好,柚子要做空股指。买空好。群里都是戏。指导员和演员各种忽悠。哎。 三个网站后来看看也都是新的,都是今年,都是套

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