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    Amount resolved within one month(EUR) €21,559,400
    Number of People Resolved 11,633
    Unable to withdraw 2021/11/29 6:32:33
    USDC is a Broker of Sushi global investing limited. They are Scam Brokers.
    USDC is a Broker of Sushi global investing limited. They are Scam Brokers. I cannot withdraw money. They have the same email notification when opening a Forex account,, I cannot withdraw money from their exchange. They made me pay 20% tax. They really are scam exchanges. I have been deducted from my MT5 account but I still have not received the money to my account.
    FXOOKhvw5899 USDC
    Unable to withdraw 2021/11/28 19:22:55
    unable to withdraw
    after trading and loosing on my money they did not allow me to withdraw q sum of 2138.73 I have messaged the customer service on countless occasions but there is no response . I tried to do trading and wasn't allowed I want a help to withdraw my money
    FXLMBthy4523 UBS
    Scam 2021/11/30 13:25:04
    Business director of USGFX International and MOGA, Felicia, induced fraud
    Felicia, Business director of USGFX International, induced fraud to the customer. The customer did not violate any trading mechanism but tens of thousands of US dollars were wiped out that month and only a few hundred US dollars were left. When withdrawing last couple hundreds dollars, Felicia did not allow withdrawals and said that the withdrawal will only be processed after the deposit. After the deposit, Felicia refused to withdraw again when I applied for withdrawal and asked for another deposit and withdrawal will be processed after new client joined. The total deposit of the month was dozens of times of the withdrawal. Felicia kept denied the request for the last withdrawal after the liquidation. For her own performance, after the customer met the requirements of the platform, Felicia doid not allow the last withdraw and it will not be processed. I had applied to ask the platform query all the deposit and withdrawal data and change the customer service manager. After seeing the query data and the change of the customer manager email, Felicia directly blocked the backstage. Felicia is the management of USGFX International. For the sake of her performance, customers' requests were not process even they met requirements of the platform. Felicia colsed the back office when I did not want to cooperate with her and demanded to change customer service manager. If the management is ike this, the employees below will follow. The final withdrawal will never arrive. I hope that other customers and agents will not trust any promises made by the Taiwan Business Manager of USGFX International and any promises made by the MOGA Taiwan business manager, so to be not deceived.
    趋势 MOGAFX
    Trend type
    Return test in recent one year +198.37
    Seize the bing trend, make small breakthroughs and see the sustainability
    $ 1.99
    Trend type
    Return test in recent one year +121.02
    Trend strategy for Ethereum
    $ 1.99
    Trend type
    Return test in recent one year +68.49
    Turtle Trading
    $ 1.99
    Trend type
    Return test in recent one year +337.81
    Add positions and grasp the general trend
    $ 1.99

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